ZTFI Adds Special Sparkle To Diwali!

On 5th October, 2019, the community’s leading philanthropic institution – Zoroastrian Trust Funds of India (ZTFI), added a special sparkle to the festive season with their Diwali celebrations which were held at Cama Baug (hall).

Known to support and sustain the lives and livelihood of the community’s underprivileged, ZTFI was yet again on a spree of sharing cheer and happiness amongst our lesser fortunate brothers and sisters in the month of Diwali. In keeping with the essence of this Festival of Lights, ZTFI planned an immaculate event which brought brightness into the lives of the beneficiaries – just like the Diwali diyas!

The venue came alive with brilliant decorations and lip-smacking snacks. ZTFI’s popular initiative, ‘Make My Day’ was conducted by vibrant Trustee, Yasmin Mistry. In this initiative, beneficiaries get to share any one wish they want fulfilled. The ZTFI team then reviews and makes it a reality for them! This time’s winner was Gustad Buscia, who had expressed his wish to spend a day in a mall – this will be fulfilled soon by the dynamic Team of ZTFI, which collectively comprises: Chairperson – Maneck Engineer; Trustees – Kersi Randeria, Zeree Jehangirji, Yasmin Mistry, Xerrxes Master and Arnavaz Jal Mistry; and Committee Members – Yezdi Bhagwagar, Aspi Tantra, Vistaspar Mehta, Kashmira Khambatta, Hutokshi Dadabhoy, Naval Surty, Kerfegar Edulji and Zubin Darashaw.

One of the donors donated crockeries amongst the beneficiaries. This was followed by the much awaited monthly Birthday Cake cutting, with the cake sponsored by Bahadur Bharucha, whose wife also shares a birthday in October.

The evening concluded with distribution of food grains, necessities and monetary aid, under the ‘Feed-A-Family’ program for the beneficiaries – who went home with a smile in their hearts and blessings on their lips, for the special sparkle added to their Diwali by ZTFI.

ZTFI’s monthly ‘Feed-A-Family’ program supports financially constrained community members with necessary provisions, providing over 450 Parsi/Irani Zarthostis with items catering to their daily requirements of a monthly ration – including food supplies like rice, pulses, sugar, tea, as well as items for daily use like washing powder, soaps, as well as cash. You too could become a ZTFI donor with a small, yearly contribution of Rs.6,000/- and help bring about a smile in the lives of those in need! Participate in the Feed-a-Family Program or contribute towards a bevy of Community Services performed by ZTFI including Medical Aid; Monthly Monetary Scheme; Educational Aid; Senior Citizens Support and Youth Programs. To make donations or for details, call: 9619909261 / 8657558285 or E-mail: admin@ztfi.org

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