2019 American Academy of Religions Meet In San Diego

On 25th November, 2019, Er. Arda-E-Viraf Minocherhomjee, President – North American Mobeds Council (NAMC), and Er. Zarrir Bhandara joined Homi D Gandhi, President – FEZANA, at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Religion and Foreign Policy (RFP) Program, at the luncheon discussion on ‘Religion and Foreign Policy: Bridging the Divide during the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting’, at the San Diego Convention Center in the USA.

Panelists representing different faiths came together to discuss how best to provide policymakers with contextual information as they debate and vote on issues pertaining to religion. The meeting covered a host of suggestions on how the faith community and faith scholars can bring issues to policy makers so that suggestions and viewpoints may be incorporated in legislative actions. They also had the opportunity to discuss issues with other faith leaders.

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