Er. Varzavand Dadachanji Completes Martab Ceremony

12-year-old Er. Varzavand Hormuz Dadachanji completed his Martab on 6th November, 2019, (Roj Govad, Mah Khordad), under the wise guidance of Er. Aspandiar Dadachandji (his grandfather) and Er. Darayus Bajan, with the blessings and in remembrance of Late Er. Rustomji Cawasji Dadachandji (his great grandfather) at the Vatcha Gandhi Agiary (Hughes Road, Mumbai). The son of proud parents – Er. Hormuz Dadachandji and Navaz Dadachandji and his even prouder priestly grandfathers – Er. Aspandiar Dadachanji and Dr. Er. Pervez Bajaan – Er. Varzavand studies at Dadar Parsee Youth Assembly School and has been provided insightful guidance in his religious studies by Er. Ramiyar Karanjia of the Dadar Athornan Institute.

We commend his achievement as the young age! May he be blessed always in his service to Dadar Ahura Mazda and lead our community under the bright light of religious rectitude in the future!

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