Fly High With WINGS’19!

The countdown to the Community’s Number One and most keenly awaited, ‘All-Parsi Sports, Cultural and Talent Festival’ – WINGS’19, has begun!!!

Commencing its fourth chapter this year, ‘WINGS’19’ will kick off this month to be held over the course of two weekends (five days) – the 9th and 10th, as well as the 15th, 16th and 17th of November, at the Rustom Baug Grounds. In association with the Sir Ness Wadia Memorial Pavilion, and Parsi Times as Media Partner, WINGS’19 – the biggest sports and cultural event of the community, promises to be bigger and better than ever!! It will host over 15 exciting events, which will run simultaneously over the course of five days. With current registrations comprising over 250 teams and 800 individual registrations, WINGS’19 is all set to present the Community its most thrilling, sporting and entertaining event yet!

Some Hightlights Of What You Can Expect This Year At WINGS’19:

 Football: This year, WINGS’19 has registered over 32 teams for the 5-a-side rink football tournament, making it the largest of its kind! It will be played across 2 grounds, located on either side of the venue. There will be 8 groups of 4 teams each, 2 of which will qualify from each group for the next round of 16. The event will include all the top teams in the community – Rustom Baug ‘A’; Cusrow Baug ‘A’; DPCG ‘A’ and last year’s winners – Petit FC. The group stage matches will be held on the 9th and 10th of November, followed by the Round of 16 on the 15th, and Quarters, Semis and Finals on the 16th.

Cricket: To be held bang in the centre of the venue, the Box Cricket Tournament has registered 28 teams, including Malcolm Baug ’A’, Salsette, Bharucha Baug and DPCG ‘A’. Group matches will be held on the 9th, 10th, 15th and 16th, followed by the knockouts on the 17th of November.

Badminton: An Open-Singles format, the Badminton tourney has registered 96 individuals with super players including Rustom Warden, Jehan Daboo, Kareena Madon, Neville Katila and Nauheed. The Quarters, Semis and Finals, will take place on the 16th, 6:00 pm onwards.

Table Tennis: Similar to the Baddy format, TT registered over 110 teams and boasts of players including Srosh Shroff, Zubin Taraporwala and Percy Mehta, promising some exciting clashes! The Quarters, Semis and Finals will be held on the 16th, 6:00 pm onwards.

FIFA: The virtual gaming event, has registered 10 groups of 8 players each – of which only 1 participant per group will qualify – through a single elimination method. The qualified players will be part of the auction, wherein teams will be formed by bidding for players! These teams will compete for the title.

Paintball: With 45 teams registered, Paintball will be played in teams of 4. The single-elimination knock-out format will involve several rounds of matches played over the course of the second weekend of November, involving 4 zones, and played within the span of 4 minutes.

1 vs 1 Football: Last year, WINGS introduced this European concept to the community – in which 2 players face off in a metal cage for 3.5 minutes. The finals will be on the 16th at 9:00 pm.

Treasure Hunt: On the midnight of 16th November, WINGS’19 begins its Treasure Hunt, which has registered 40 teams hunting 12 boggling clues and chasing 12 crazy tasks across south Mumbai – all to be completed within 2 hours!

Throwball: An All-Girls game, the tournament includes teams – Malcolm Baug, CB -A and Gamadia Colony, to take place on 17th November.

Direct: The veteran’s game of the community, Direct offers close games between teams like CJ, Wadia Baug, Gamadia Colony and Gamadia Hostel. Single elimination games will be held on 15th and 17th November.

Indirect: With teams such as DPCG SWA, Godrej Baug A and Nawroze Baug ‘A’, the Indirect tournament is one to look out for! Team Expendables make their debut at this All Parsi Tourney!

Speak: This 24-team tournament shall see Teams –  Wadia Baug ‘A’ CJ ‘A’, Godrej Baug ‘A’ facing off each other, on the 9th on Court 1 and on both the courts simultaneously on the 10th, with the finals on the 15th.

Foot Tennis: A new event at WINGA’19, Foot Tennis is a variation of Speak. A 2-Vs-2 game played across a tennis–high net, it has has registered over 50 teams, and involves several rounds of matches.

Air Hockey: Adding to the Arcade events, this year the Air Hockey tournament will witness 80 people battle it out. The event involves 3.5 minute games taking place over the course of the first weekend.

 Wings’19 is the brainchild of dynamic, young founders – Zaara Dastur, Anahita Karanjia and Jeyhaan Carnac. The fourth edition of this extravaganza will be held across two weekends in November (instead of the usual one weekend, in keeping with its growing popularity and participation) – the 9th and 10th, as well as the 15th, 16th and 17th, at the Rustom Baug Grounds. As has been the case from the its inception (WINGS’16), the Community’s leading newsweekly, Parsi Times, will Media Partner this spectacular event, that has over the years, earned great praise from community members and celebrities, alike.

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