Kudos To Young Achiever Yohan!

Mumbai’s Twelve-year-old, Yohan Hakim from Godrej Baug, has been one of the youngest participants who appeared for his Black Belt First Dan exam this year (April 2019) and was awarded the Black Belt by the Elite Taekwondo Academy, affiliated to the Kukkiwon Federation in South Korea. His Black Belt certificate was presented to him on 26th October, 2019.

The son of extremely proud parents, Karishma and Hormuz Hakim, Yohan is a student of St. Mary’s High School and has been learning Taekwondo since the last seven years, under instructor Darshan Ujjinwar.

Known for his sheer determination and perseverance, Yohan and younger brother, Vihan, are avid marital arts enthusiasts and experts and have participated and won in numerous Taekwondo competitions.

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