Letters to the Editor

Save Our Parsi General Hospital

As the Shroffs have finally withdrawn their magnanimous offer, the management has to think of other ways to save our precious institution. While most community members consider it as a golden opportunity missed, some think it as a blessing in disguise. PHG is very close to the hearts of all community members in India and abroad, and we will unitedly stand by the management to develop the ailing institution and bring it to a level comparative to the best healthcare centers in the city.

As the previous plan of constructing a separate diagnostic hospital is set aside, we need to think about accommodating a diagnostic department in the spacious area of the hospital itself. This will add to convenience and save the patients from the cumbersome process of being shifted from one building to another, risking the chance of infection.

The aim of providing the best treatment to the weaker section of the community at affordable costs will be impossible via running a multi-facility hospital with low occupancy and no source of income. The continuous decline in our population makes it mandatory that we offer services to patients from other communities, else it will be disastrous in the long run. Bringing changes in our policy will lead to full occupancy and generate more income to benefit the poor for proper treatment.

An exclusive Parsi section in the hospital could be reserved for the community, including one male and one female ward, and a dozen special and some semi-special rooms. If needed, the land which was to establish the Shroff diagnostic Centre can be used to construct some commercial, residential or other establishments to generate a steady flow of income for the hospital’s maintenance. The old Harkisandas Hospital in a crowded locality converted into the modern Reliance Hospital, is running to almost full capacity. Our grand hospital, having the best ambiance, can be transformed into one of the best multi facility centres in Mumbai.

All this will require tremendous efforts and huge expenditure to realise. Let us keep the flag of the magnanimous Petits flying high for generations to come. The hospital management committee should take expert advice from consulting firms of builders and architects for structural changes. The managing committee can take advice from Mr. Bhot of Pune who has established the Ruby Hall Clinic which can boast of being the best healthcare Centre in whole of Asia. We should appreciate and be thankful for the service we are offered by the Petits for over a century! Now it is the time for us to pay back and help to revive our most precious asset at any cost.

By Piroja Homi Jokhi 

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