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Excellent Column Initiatives By PT

‘Sharpen Your Edge’ by Dr. Adil Malia in PT dated 16th November, immediately caught my attention and I was glad to read with great interest, such practical insights. I agree with him on Relationships and Networking. It truly helps not only to get the work done but also create a strong bonding of trust and faith. Intentions and values too are integral part of sustainable success and achievements. My association with Dr. Adil goes back to 1991, when I had joined Godrej – he always guided me with a pleasant smile and comfort.

Hearty congratulations to him and Team Parsi Times for starting yet another interesting and insightful column. I eagerly await more of his writings in this column as it helps us sharpen our knowledge and skills.

Nariman Bacha

Godrej (Vikhroli)

Why Udvada Gam Is Dirty

Having a residential flat in the Premier Apartments Co-Operative Housing Service Society Ltd. on Gymkhana Road in Udvada, I know we find our holy village looking filthy when we visit Udvada on auspicious occasions and holidays.

In my capacity as Office Bearer of the said society, I come in contact with the Gram Panchayat Officials and staff. One main reason is, the ‘Clean-up’ staff of the village sits whole day near and around our Iranshah, begging for alms; and, us Parsis, take pity on them, as they are poor and needy, thus we give them money liberally.

The Gram Panchayat staff has told me that when this category of staff is scolded for absenteeism, they boldly say that their pay may be cut, because, from begging, they earn much more!

At the request of the Gram Panchayat Office, I appeal to all my brethren not to encourage begging in Udvada village; and then see the difference. Help the poor through proper channels, don’t encourage begging!

Trust this message reaches all Parsis – we could be instrumental in keeping our Holy Village clean. So, next time do charity through proper channels and put an end to begging to keep our Udvada Gam filth-free. Ushta-te!

Roossi Talati (Age 76)

Respecting Environment And Climate Change

Why should I as an individual care about the environment and climate while factories destroy it every day? We owe our loyalty to the environment as it is the only home that we humans have. It provides for air, food and other needs. Pollution and destruction of air, water and soil and radioactive, noise and thermal pollution is self-harm we inflict on ourselves each time we harm the environment.

We complain of climate change, heat waves, killing cold, untimely rains, etc, but we forget that it is us who have destroyed the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere. We must understand that environment contains physical (abiotic) and natural (biotic) elements. Biotic elements include not only vegetation, water bodies, animals and birds but also human beings. We need to respect the environment just like the other biotic elements, as biotic elements constantly interact with each other to adapt to changing conditions.

We are guests on Planet Earth. Instead of treating it like we own it, we must realize how much we owe to it. We complain of natural disaster like Tsunamis causing mass-destruction but these are natural and unavoidable, as opposed to our avoidable actions which destroy the environment every day. Let us show respect to nature, to the environment, and take a note of the consequences of climate change.

By Er. Pervez Karanjia

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