Malcolm Baug’s ‘November Fest 2019’ – A Great Success!

Malcolm Baug’s ‘November Fest’, held on 3rd November, 2019, turned out to be a huge success, with the event being attended by over 750 people through the day – and more importantly, greatly appreciated by all! The event was graciously inaugurated by Nariman Kotwal, Ex-trustee of Malcolm Baug Zoroastrian Association (MBZA). The food stalls were a fantastic hit, with most of them sold out by early evening! The stalls had a varied array of merchandise and all the stall owners appreciated the setup, the organizing and experienced good sales.

The highlight of the day was the four free workshops held – for Salsa, Makeup, Self-Defense and Yoga – which were attended by lots of adults and children and were immensely enjoyed. Seeing senior citizens sitting and enjoying Housie games while watching the tiny tots playing a variety of well-organized games by the youth of the colony, was a delightful sight indeed.


“We would like to thank our Media Partners Parsi Times, for their valuable contribution in supporting our ‘November Fest 2019’ gratis, and for providing prominent visibility of the event, which greatly helped us reach audiences across Mumbai, making our event a huge success,” said Ruzbeh Parbhoo, on behalf of MBZA.


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