‘MY BAWA IS BEST’ Contest Winners


Our first winner is Ishita Tavadia who has dedicated a poem in ‘Pinglish’ (Parsi-English) to her favourite Bawa – her Hubby!!

‘My Hubby Is The Best!’

By Ishita Ashtad Tavadia

Gaadi thi jaasti kare aa bairi ne prem,
Bawa che aa alag, Ashtad Tavadia is his name.
Birthdays and anniversaries kyare bhule nai,
Dance kare evo, tame joyu hase na kase kai.

Environment friendly che atlo ki pucho na vaat,
Can forever keep gorging on sali boti and dhansak.
Old Monk na stock thi karyu gher nu bar-counter fill,
Udvada jaine laage ‘this is life’, but bawa, you need to elsewhere chill!

Handsome that he looks in sadra and kasti,
Brand sivai koi cheej lidhi na ene sasti.
‘Moody’ jevo word is not part of his dictionary,
Hugging, kissing and cuddling with me constantly.

My hero, the ever-true love of my life,
I am lucky to be this matida’s wife,
Che ena saathe maari life full of zest,
I proudly say ‘My Bawa Is Best!’



Havana Aibara, our second winner, shares a heartfelt dedication for her most favourite Bawa of all – her beloved father

‘For Dad – With Love’

By Havana Aibara

He has loved me since the dawn of life
Stood by me in success and strife,
I was part of his every day and night
His pleasure, his passion, his delight!

Those arms were his that rocked me to sleep,
His heart he gave me with love so deep,
His finger I held when I took my first step,
His arms were those into which I leapt.

Through his eyes I learnt to perceive life right,
With courage, confidence, truth and might!
Everywhere I go he’s my guiding star,
Whether he is near or somewhere afar.

He is the rock against which I lean
For the strength within me to be felt and seen!
Without him I’m a meaningless soul,
For it is him who completes me as a whole!

I owe my life to him and no other
He’s the man – my world – my Father!




‘The Best Bawa – Ratan Tata’

By Meher Parvez Sutaria

We received numerous entries celebrating one of the greatest Bawas of all – Ratan Tata, but Meher Sutaria just has a splendid way with words!!

Without doubt my chosen Bawa is the BEST,
He stands out a head taller than ALL the rest.
He happens to be Mr. RATAN TATA,
A man like him there is no other.
Industrialist, philanthropist, giver of joys,
Humble and dapper – a man full of poise.
He teaches us to have faith in ourselves,
To share our success without power or pelf.
His compassion for people and animals is known,
The path to be gentle towards all, he has shown.
On 26/11, when the ‘Taj’ was under attack,
He stood up for all – didn’t turn his back.
Helping the victims and families in every way he could,
The world witnessed his steadfastness – honest and good.
A special place for stray dogs exists in his heart,
Their haven in ‘Bombay House’ simply stands apart!
He treats his employees with love and respect,
Himself exemplifying ethics and professional zest.
Dear friends, I’m certain, you all would agree,
A greater Bawa than Ratan Tata there never will be!!




‘No Other Like My Hubby!’

Our grand, 86-year-old PT reader, Dr. Banoo Lashkari dedicates this sweet poem to her husband, Zerxes Lashkari!

My Bawa is the very BEST,
He leaves behind all the rest.
Loving and caring, Oh so nice!
Steady always and very wise.
Very supportive in so many ways,
He makes a Heaven of all my days!
I love him, I love him, so very much,
There will surely not be any other, such.
One in a million, I say to pals,
They envy me – all boys and gals.
To God, I daily give my voice,
Thanking Him greatly for this lovely choice.
With reverence great, I raise my hand,
There will be no such other, in any land!


‘Big Brother Is Best!’

by Afroze Hirji Elavia

Afroze shares her painting of her brother – Percy Elavia, saying, “He is my favouritesttt Bawa because he embodies all the traits and qualities of an ideal man, son and brother in perfect measure!



‘Dr. Boman Dhabhar – A Great Bawa Indeed!’

by Dr. Khurshid Mistry

Dr. Khurshid Mistry, Trustee – NK Dhabhar Cancer Foundation (COO OnCare, Masina Hospital Compound) shares a shining commendation of the very helpful Dr. Boman Dhabhar 

Dr. Boman Dhabhar, a well-known, senior Medical Oncologist is one of the Best Doctors and Bawas EVER! His brilliance is evident not only from the many degrees and accolades, but also by the smile on his patients’ faces. He is an ocean of knowledge, very hardworking and in constant pursuit of knowledge and service to humanity.

His dedicated, compassionate, humanitarian and compassionate nature towards patients is admirable. He serves the rich and poor with the same dedication and empathy. He is the only person I know who works for around 18-19 hours in a day with a smile on his face and an empty stomach! His jovial nature allows his patients to leave happy and with a ray of hope.

To me, he is a Brilliant Mentor and I feel honoured to work with him. He is the epitome of Mahatma Gandhi’s quote, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” He truly is a legendary Bawa!


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