ZAC-LA Religion Class Hosts 2nd Annual ‘Gratitude Ghambar’

On November 17th, 2019, the students of the Zoroastrian Association of California in Los Angeles, (ZAC-LA) Religion Class, ranging from age 3 to 15, hosted a ‘Gratitude Ghambar’, for the second year in a row.  The event, coordinated together by parents and students, allows each student’s family to invite guests to whom they wish to express their gratitude. The students set up the Arjani Hall, hauling tables and chairs to set up a theatre area in front of the stage, and a dining ‘path’ – complete with place settings and florals – where they serve lunch that they have spent the entire morning cooking themselves!

The Ghambar is a chance for the children to experience ‘Ushta ahmai yahmai ushta kahmaichit’ (from Gatha Y. 43.1), loosely translated to mean, ‘Happiness comes to them who bring happiness to others’, as all guests leave feeling deeply touched by the efforts of the young Zarthostis. At this year’s Ghambar, the children chose to honor and thank Ervads Zarrir Bhandara and Jehangir Dastur for being founders of the ZAC Religion Class.  It was fitting that these enduring teachers were introduced and felicitated by Er. Zerkxis Bhandara, who was one of their students for many years and who is the newest member of the faculty of the Religion Class currently.

With the American Thanksgiving holiday coming up, the students are fully familiar with the current Season of Giving, and they whole heartedly gave thanks to their elders by indulging them and taking care of their need while they were at the Center, all the while honoring the traditions of their ancestors with food and entertainment reflecting Parsipanu.


The variety show comprised recitation of two original gratitude themed poems by Zubin Daruwalla and Zara Commissariat; solo and duet vocal and flute performances; and the finale being a foot stomping rendition of Freddie Mercury’s ‘We Will Rock You’. A traditional Parsi vegetarian lunch was served by students to their delighted guests in a traditional manner. The afternoon ended with games of Bingo and chai with batasas and khari biscuits.  Guests left with missives and flower arrangements created by their hosts and hearts full of love for such a giving community of young Zarthostis.

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