ZTFI Wishes All A Happy New Year!!

Let’s Make A Greater Difference In 2020!!



Living up to its ‘Community First’ motto, the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of India (ZTFI), the Community’s premier service-oriented organization, known to spread smiles amongst our less fortunate lot, was once again at the forefront of sharing happiness with its yearly ‘Christmas Special’, bringing in much cheer during the festive season!

On 20th December, 2019, ZTFI celebrated Christmas during its monthly Feed-A-Family Program which provides monthly rations and cash donations to over 450 underprivileged humdins. Amidst much celebrations, fanfare and philanthropy, everyone was treated to super time, with Santa gifting one and all, cake-cutting, fun games, music and dance! All the beneficiaries enjoyed themselves thoroughly singing along and playing Housie, alongside the food-grains distribution, with ZTFI’s vibrant Trustee and visionary, Yasmin Mistry, along with Trustees, Arnavaz Jal Mistry, Kersi Randeria and Vistaspar Shroff, amongst numerous other ZTFI staff and volunteers.

ZTFI thanks Themton Dumasia who entertained everyone with his talented singing, as also the generous donors who helped in the distribution of tasty snacks boxes.

As always, ZTFI always ensures to realise its main aim of ‘coming together for the community to spread more Joy and Smiles’! ZTFI urges more community members to come forward and join them in the Cause of the Community!
Even as ZTFI welcomes another New Year in its inimitable style, you too could kick off the year on a note of positivity and giving by becoming a ZTFI donor!



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