Ava Bai Petit Boarding Section Girls Excel In Karate!

The students of the boarding section of Bai Avabai Framji Petit Girls High School have been training to master  the craft of Karate, under the guidance of Shihan Jehangir Shroff, 7th Dan Black Belt, President and Chief Instructor of Yudansha Kobujitsu Karate-Doh Federation (India) and Jehangir Shroff Fitness Academy (JSFA), training and teaching, over the last 42 years.

Head of the Boarding section and mother figure in the lives of the children, Yasmin Charna, introduced the brilliant concept of Karate for the girls of her institution to empower them physically as well as mentally.

On 12th January, 2020, Karate Graduation Day was conducted in the school gymnasium and attended by the eminent Shihan Jehangir Shroff, his son Rohaan Shroff – a 4th Dan Black Belt cum physical trainer and Yasmin Charna. The senior-most members of the class handed over the different coloured belts to all the promoted students. Jehangir Shroff presented Gulnaz Jilla, Kazvin Tangri, Dinaz Sarkari, Arnaaz Karanjia and Aarmin Tarapurwala their prestigious black belts and awarded them certificates.

All thanks to tremendous effort and motivation from Principal-Diana Marfatia, Boarding Section Head- Yasmin Charna, school management, teachers and matrons, the boarders shine and excel in all aspects of life.

Humble, kind and loved by all, Yasmin Charna has dedicated her life to the boarders of the school. Speaking to Parsi Times, she said, “Today, whatever I am, is because of my school. My relationship with my boarders is motherly and of great concern for their well-being. They are inculcated with social, religious and cultural responsibilities from a very young age. I truly believe the values we leave our children with, are more important than even valuables.”

While Shihan Jehangir Shroff concluded with “Learning techniques in class and using them in reality are very different. My teaching methodology ensures that they are enabled to face the outside world and be ready for any kind of situation. I want the girls to continue putting in hard work because getting a black belt is just the beginning.”

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