From the Editors Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Dear Readers,

The New Year has indeed started on a good note for our community members, with projects dedicated to the upkeep and betterment of our religious and cultural heritage. Deserving of our foremost appreciation and gratitude is the ongoing renovation taking place at our sacred Doongerwadi, driven by the dedicated and continuous efforts of the BPP. The Doongerwadi’s Nahan area and the Toilet block, which was in need of immediate attention and extensive repair, were inaugurated earlier this week, after being excellently refurbished, for the convenience of visitors and pall-bearers, thanks also, to the support of our munificent community members who stepped up as donors, and the B Jeejeebhoy Trust Fund for their generous contribution. Kudos to the BPP for a splendid job done under its tutelage! (Detailed Report: Pg. 10).

However, authorities inform us that there is still need to renovate other areas within. The Doongerwadi has put out a Community Appeal, calling all humdins to contribute towards the same. Immaterial of the size of your contributions – every donation will help. Let us once again prove our largesse and donate towards the upkeep of the divine and serene Doongerwadi – the final resting place of our loved ones.

Another excellent worldwide community venture aimed at supporting and perpetuating the legacy of our priceless religious heritage – Pak Iransahah in Udvada – is the ‘Global Iranshah Initiative’. With a dedicated team, comprising global stalwart Zarthustis, committed staunchly to its cause, the Initiative serves as a welcome relief which will benefit our future generations through ‘Education, Inspiration and Donation’. (Pg.18)

I look forward to your feedback! Have a happy weekend!



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