Insightful Religious Session At ZAC Center

On 19th January, 2020, in an experiential and insightful presentation at the ZAC Center in California, USA, Meher Amalsad Mobed Shihan Zarrir Bhandara shared a religious session on ‘Oneness In Consciousness Through Righteousness’, which captured the attention of children and adults alike.

The presentation started with chanting an Ashem Vohu, followed by Chayeh Hamey Zartoshti and led into building happiness through the consciousness of righteousness and how our 3-Pillars of Prayers help connect ourselves with the purpose of the universe. It provided interactive opportunities to understand the value and power of ‘Respective Perspective’ to transform ‘shove and fight’ into ‘love and light’; and showcasing its essence within the fabric of our Three-Free Manthras namely Ashem Vohu, Yatha Ahu and Yenghe Hatam and how these help to transform division into unison, through the spirit of Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds. This then led towards understanding the spiritual essence of Ashem Vohu – The Most Powerful Prayer, Yatha Ahu – The Most Sacred Prayer, and Yenghe Hatam – The Most Harmonizing Prayer.

Mentor and Head Priest, Mobed Zarrir Bhandara added his insightful thoughts on these 3-divine prayers to further solidify this soulful perspective on building unity within diversity. Next, a visual demonstration highlighted the distinction between Manthra (insightful thought) and Mantra (transcendental sound) and its common connection through Vibration. The emphasis was on the fact that even ‘a thought carries vibration just like the sound’; and we can create those divine vibrations in us just by thinking about the divine Manthra of Zarathushtra in Gatha and our Avestan prayers. This led into an insightful interactive discussion on the triad – ‘Thought is the language of the mind’, ‘Word is the language of the body’ and ‘Deed is the language of the soul’.

They all then gathered in the ZAC Atash Kadeh to experience the actual Vibration in the Ashem Vohu, Yatha Ahu, and Yenghe Hatam prayers through the power of a Humbundagi.  The experience was further elevated as Mobed Zerkxis Bhandara soulfully recited the TunDorosti prayer.

Then kids were explained how to incorporate the essence of these three-free Priceless Manthras in thier daily lives through mindfulness and how it helps us to live a soulful life. The function ended with the kids having an amazing experience on the Power of Believing in the ‘I AM’ in them (‘AM’ stands for Ahura Mazda). A special token of appreciation was expressed to honor the dedication of all who helped organize this experience for the future generation.

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