Join The ‘Clean And Green Udvada’ Initiative

The ‘Clean and Green Udvada’ initiative was established as a voluntary organization, a year ago, by like-minded people who love Udvada Gaam and wish to work towards its betterment. It was founded by Zarine Bharda, Filly Bapuna and Zinobia Sidhwa, who aim, through this initiative, to create awareness of a Clean and Green Udvada. They have been periodically organising Clean-up Campaigns to clean Udvada village and the beach with the participation of local school children and staff. They have also installed new drum-sized dust-bins which are strategically placed across locations. They also distribute utility items like books, schools bags, t-shirts, etc. with the branding of ‘Clean and Green Udvada’ to spread as much awareness as possible.

The residents of Udvada village have responded well to the initiative, with support coming in from the Gram Panchayat, school children and villagers. In fact, during the Iranshah Udvada Utsav 2019, the children of Udvada school even performed an awareness program on Clean and Green Udavada.

Speaking to Parsi Times, Filly Bapuna said, “Immediate plan is that we want to get funds for tractors and garbage tippers to clean up the village and beaches of Udvada village. We also wish to replicate the success and precedent set by Godrej Baug in its Waste Management efforts by setting up the plant which recycles waste and turns it to compost. We are currently looking for funding to set up the same in Udvada. We want to set Udvada as the role model village which can be replicated across Indian villages and cities.”

‘Clean and Green Udvada’ is a Public Charitable Trust without any current financial support from the Government (working towards getting the 80G tax benefits). It appeals for donations from all who resonate with this noble cause.



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