Dr. Mickey Mehta Felicitated At ET Now’s World Health And Wellness Congress 2020

ET Now held its fourth World Health and Wellness Congress – with the theme, ‘Sustainable Healthcare – Vision + Reality For The Future’ – and its Award Ceremony on 14th and 15th February, 2020, in Mumbai, bringing together several global personalities in education and academics.

Global leading holistic health guru and corporate life coach, Dr. Mickey Mehta received an award from Sarah Opendi – Minister of State for Minerals, Republic of Uganda, at the Wellness Conclave, for his contributions to pioneering wellness in India. Adille Sumariwalla, President of the Athletics Federation of India and the luminary Olympian, was also present at the enclave.

Dr. Mehta’s speech, titled, ‘Let Wellness Be The Religion No. 1’, received much applause and appreciation. He encouraged all to pledge to making wellness their “Religion No. 1” and to evolve into supreme fitness. “Become the choreographer of your change, so wellness gets energized, optimized, maximized, naturalized; wellness gets you in rhythm and flow of life to get you mickeymized!” he added. Later, Dr. Mehta moderated a panel discussion titled,

‘A Dis-ease free world’.

Speaking to Parsi Times on the occasion, Dr. Mickey Mehta said, “Although awards are not the objective of working hard, they do encourage and motivate. Celebrations bring about new source of energy, time and time again, otherwise life still goes on. We have to keep reinventing ourselves; we have to keep repositioning ourselves and constantly be in service of mankind; we have to keep surging ahead for mankind’s evolution to get maximized, optimized, for this world to become dis-ease free and get Mickeymized!”

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