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Dear Readers,

Despite our small numbers, Parsis have been hailed as the pioneers of modern India. We form one of the most successful minority and migrant groups in the world – less than 0.005% of India’s population. Even so, we command unparalleled respect by all, as our achievements stand out as tall and glowing examples of greatness in every field – especially in that which constitutes the very soul of a nation – it’s industry.

The one name that defines the very founding, growth and rise of India’s industrialization is Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata – regarded as the ‘Father of Indian Industry’. As we pay tribute to his 181st birth anniversary on the 3rd of March (Pg. 6), let us reminisce and renew the indomitable Parsi spirit of enterprise, which has been synonymous to our identity – in keeping with our community’s exceptional accomplishments.

We used to be an industrious lot, driven by ambition. But, our love for entrepreneurship, like our population, has seriously dwindled. Our industrious forefathers bequeathed us an entrepreneurial legacy that has held us and our identity in good stead, in the hope that we would follow suit and ensure its perpetuity. We must strive harder to deliver this prospect, for their sake and for the sake of our oncoming generations. In the words of the great Jamsetji Tata himself, “If you cannot make it greater, at least preserve it. Do not let things slide. Go on doing my work and increasing it, but if you cannot, do not lose what we have already done.”

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita

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