Kutch Pays Tribute To Rustomji Dangore On R-Day

A tribute was paid to Rustomji Nusserwanji Dangore, who governed as the Pramukh of the Anjar tehsil or municipality in Kutch, with the unveiling of his statue, on Republic Day, 26th January, 2020. During his seventeen-year tenure starting from 1966, Rustomji Dangore is credited with having set the groundwork for introducing and developing numerous public amenities and other much-needed facilities for the use of Anjar residents.

The current Pramukh unveiled the statue, alongside a plaque, in the presence of government officials of Anjar Tehsil. The unveiling of the statue coincides with the ongoing festival of the Rann of Kutch (till 23rd February, 2020).



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