Lucknow Parsis Numbers Appeal To Preserve Legacy

On 17th February,2020, the Parsis of Lucknow got together urging the administration to free their properties of encroachments and help in its preservation.

Lucknow resident and President of Avadh Girls’ Degree College, ZarineViccajee, whose family was one of the first Parsi settlers here, said, “Parsis have contributed to the country’s development and continues to do so in different fields. But the community’s strength is dwindling. Today, 40 Parsi families reside in the city as compared to 300 earlier.Be it Lucknow or Delhi, we mingled with people wherever we settled. At a time when only limited number of Parsis are there to keep their heritage and culture alive in Lucknow, a few places, like 73-year-old Parsi Anjuman and the graveyard, need to be preserved.”

Highlighting the history of the community, President of Lucknow Parsi Community,HomiSipaishared how NaurojiDamkewala, a trader of silk and pearls from Gujarat, had first settled in Lucknow during the times of the third king of Awadh Mohammad Ali Shah.“Gradually, a number of families started settling in the city. Most of the families stayed in the compound of Parsi Anjuman. We made Lucknow our home and embraced the city’s lifestyle,” he said.

Parsis also expressed concern over the fact that festivals like Navroz and Khordad Sal were not declared public holidays.

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