Parsee Gymkhana To Tour UAE

Parsees were the first community to adopt the game of cricket and make it their very own. Our forefathers had sown the seeds, led the way and earned respect in the sport. On the other hand, the game produced cricketers on the international circuit and now we, Gen-next, look to taking the tradition forward and keeping the Parsee flag rising high and mighty. It is a matter of great pride and honour for the Parsee Gymkhana senior cricket team to now tour UAE, thus looking to create history yet again, by winning on foreign soil. Parsi Times Sports Reporter, Binaisha M. Surti brings, you a pre-view of all the exciting action to come!


Ever wonder what sets the tone for the Parsee Gymkhana (PG) cricket team on the field? What keeps this special side going and motivated each time, so they can give more than their hundred per cent? Answering these questions for all our dear cricket lovers, fans and enthusiasts… they possess super-powers in the form of self-confidence, unity, focus, discipline and commitment and that is where the magic happens!

After a super successful tour to the United Kingdom, clinching the 1886 Trophy played at the historic cricketing venue of Kia Oval in August 2019, it’s that time of the year again! Building all the excitement again, Team Parsee Gymkhana will be touring UAE from 20th– 28th February, 2020, playing two games in Dubai, against opponents OFI Cricket Club and Darjeeling Cricket Club, at the venue Ocean Fair Cricket Ground. Another T20 match with the white ball will be played under lights at the Ultimate Sports Academy, Abu Dhabi Ground, against team Ultimate Sports Academy Super Stars. Our very own bawas will also be playing a night match in Sharjah!!

Speaking to Parsi Times, PG President, Mehli Golvala said, “It is a new frontier for the Gymkhana as the Club team has never played in the Middle East before, so it will be a new challenging experience for the cricketers. I am sure the games will be played in good spirit and I hope that the team members enjoy every moment of this unique experience of playing in the desert region. Fortunately, it will be a relatively cool time of the year to be in Dubai.”

Vice President and Cricket Secretary of Parsee Gymkhana and Apex Council Member of MCA, Khodadad Yazdegardi, stated, “After a brilliant UK Tour, it has been very kind of Freddy Sidhwa to invite the PG senior team to come to Dubai and play cricket. Unfortunately, due to prior commitments, a few team members, who had toured the UK, won’t be available for the UAE tour. In their place, PG has picked a few Parsi cricketers from Secunderabad and Nagpur. We look forward to continuing great ties with them and build everlasting friendships. I am very excited to meet the Zoroastrian community in Dubai and I am sure they will welcome us with open arms… just like we were welcomed by the Zoroastrians of UK.”

Senior cricketer, Freddy Sidhwa, who is based in Dubai and will represent his own team, shared, “I wish the Parsee Gymkhana team all the very best. I want them to come, enjoy their stay and also have fun playing cricket on our soil this time, as the matches will be held on a lush green paradise!”

Cricket Commentator, senior lawyer and member of Team PG, Fredun De Vitre, added, “After a successful tour of the UK, the PG veterans are off again and this time to the UAE and I feel privileged to be part of this new adventure. Whilst we always play to win, adhering to the highest standards of sportsmanship, a tour such as this is also an amazing opportunity to interact with cricket loving people from another country. We will have to adapt to the concrete wicket in Abu Dhabi. PG is lucky to have such a talented bunch of players who have not allowed their advancing years to keep them away from the game we all love to play.”

Experienced and senior pro of PG, Maneck Daruwala, said, “The last time around, we, as a team, had an extremely enjoyable and successful tour of UK. We are now looking forward to this trip with great expectations of another terrific tour. For us, these are great opportunities to engage in good physical activity and relieve our much cherished, past memories.”

The talented Kersi Pavri, from PG, concluded with, “I am looking forward to building new memories and being a part of Team PG once again. After we brought back the 1886 Trophy, I am confident that the side will play the same brand of cricket and keep the Parsee Gymkhana flag fluttering high!”

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