Ratan Tata Boosts ‘Mission Garima’ For Sanitation Workers On Insta

Ratan Tata who created waves on social media after joining Instagram, last October, and garnering over 1.2 million followers in no time, has been putting his online influence to great use by highlighting crucial issues that need attention. He recently posted a powerful 3-minute video about a new initiative that helps the sanitation workers.

His post shares the life of Mumbai’s sanitation workers and ‘Mission Garima’ – the initiative taken by Tata Trust to help them, with the caption, “Mission Garima, for our brave sanitation workers #TwoBinsLifeWins. In Mumbai, a city of 23 million, only 50,000 individuals are employed as sanitation workers. They are working in difficult conditions every single day to tackle the enormous amount of waste that Mumbai generates. As a Tata Trust initiative, Mission Garima is working to provide safe, hygienic and humane working conditions for sanitation workers who are severely affected doing the unimaginable for the city so that we may find it clean!”

The video highlights the challenges faced by a sanitation worker and the big difference that we can make by simply segregating the wet waste and the dry waste, thus encouraging people to use two separate bins and how this would positively impact the lives of sanitation workers and their families.

The caption also reads, “#TwoBinsLifeWins is a campaign urging citizens to segregate their biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste to help reduce the burden on these hardworking men and women. The links below will help you dispose of your waste responsibly and support our initiative. After all, this country is run by each one of us.”

In December, 2019, the Shiv Sena had expressed concerns over the deaths of three sanitation workers who died of suffocation after getting trapped in septic tanks, in Mumbai.

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