Thane’s Cowasji Patell Agiary Celebrates 240th Salgreh

21st February, 2020, (Adar Roj, Meher Mah) marked the 240th Salgreh celebrations of Seth Cowasji Patell Agiary, which was organised by the Thana Agiary Fund Trustees. A Machi was performed by Ervad Kersi Sidhwa at 4:15pm, followed by the Salgreh Jashan at 5:00 pm, performed by Ervads – Behramshaw Sidhwa, Kersi Sidhwa, Adil Sidhwa and Adil Dastoor. The magnificent new Agiary structure was recently repainted, florally decked and illuminated to showcase the glorious 2 centuries and 4 decade old Atash Padshah standing strong in all His glory.

The evening function commenced with a Humbandagi recited by Er. Behramshaw Sidhwa followed by a welcome address by Homi Talati and the felicitation of the Mobeds and Agiary staff. A variety musical program had the young and old dancing away to yester-year melodies, while others sang along.

The trustees then presented cheques to 55 students from Thane’s Parsi families under the Education Financial Assistance scheme. The celebrations concluded with 367 Zarthostis enjoying a free sumptuous Gambhar dinner catered by Ketayun Bomi Khambata in assistance with her sons, Rayomand and Adil.

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