The Godha / Gopatshah

The Godha / Gopatshah (also known as Lamassu) or the human-headed winged bulls which have been brought from Udvada and installed at the Dadiseth (Fanaswadi) AtashBehram, courtesy Captain Percy and Arin Master.

As per eminent Zoroastrian scholar and historian, Noshir Dadrawala, these Godha, which stand guard outside several Agyari and AtashBahrams, are divine protectors. They are known to assimilate and symbolizes the qualities of Strength and Courage (in the body of the Bull or Lion), the quality of soaring high with sharp vision (with the Wings of an eagle) and Wisdom and Intelligence (with the human head). Thus, the Gopatha outside the fire temple not only stands as a symbolic guardian against all forces of evil, but, also as a reminder to every devotee who enters the house of worship, to acquire physical and spiritual strength (in order to live a purposeful life), aim high and look afar (for the welfare of this world) and live life intelligently with wisdom.

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