Valentine’s Day Contest Winners

Dear Readers, yet again we were flooded with oodles of fab entries for PT’s Valentine’s Day Contest, which is getting quite popular with readers of all ages, as we receive an increasing number of excellent entries each year! Thank you all for participating with such enthusiasm and sharing your lovely talent with the community – while some of your entries were howlarious, others were romantic and left one thoughtful! We congratulate our top three winners as also share some of the entries which deserved a Special Mention. Winners are requested to contact the Parsi Times office at (022) 66330404/05.


WINNER 1: The Egg, My Valentine? ‘Egg’sactly So!

By Meher Parvez Sutaria

Well, well, well, Valentine’s Day is here,
I’m dedicating it to something which, to me, is very dear!
It’s none other than the good old Egg,

For which I’d certainly give an arm and a leg!

It can be eaten in any form, no doubt about that,
It can be boiled, scrambled or fried in a dollop of fat.
Not forgetting spicy Akoori and exquisite Omelet,
One can feast on this delightful food without any regret.

Of what use is ‘tarkari’ without the ‘eedu’ spread?
A big ‘thumbs up’ it begets by any gourmet!
Eggs for every meal sets my appetite on fire,
There’s nothing better that appeases my heart’s desire !

So. ’tis the humble Egg that gets my precious vote,
All those who beg to differ, please take note…
Since the Egg is the most favourite food of mine,
It very well deserves to be MY VALENTINE!

WINNER 2: Valentine’s Day Message For My Children

By Dinaz Tavadia

When the day of reckoning comes
With no more tomorrows let to see,
One of my biggest regrets will be
Being unable to be by your side, should you need me.

My wish for you then will always be,
That your lives are long and happy,
That you follow your dreams indeed
Wherever that road may lead.

And when you look back in the future,
And I’m then, but just a memory,
I pray you will always remember –
You were, are, and will always be deeply loved by me.

WINNER 3: My Hubby, My Valentine

By Gulshan D Morawala

A brand-new jewel was given to me
Upon my wedding day,
Which I accepted, thanking God
To keep it shining all the way.

Years have passed, but this jewel of mine,
Refuses to lose its dazzling shine!
I thank You God, for giving me
This man, who is my VALENTINE.

Despite all his fancies and whims,
He is the apple of my eye,
His love for me, and mine for him
Will never ever die!



SPECIAL MENTION: Dedicated to Lagan Nu Bhonu

By Armine M. Bharucha
(Most of us Bawas, whether married or single, confess to being in a relationship with food. I too, am unapologetically one of them with a penchant for my true love, the delicious Lagan nu Bhonu!)

Every Bawa’s heart skips a beat in relief
When we step into Godiwala’s banana leaf;
As your scent wafts through the air,
The excitement gets a bit too much to bear!
You are heavenly when you are ‘khaatti-mitthii’,
But some love it even when you become tikkhii! ️
And then when you come closer, who can sit still?
Each one digs in and has his fill!
From Russian pattice to Saas-ni-machchhi,
Gos-no-palav daar, to Sali Margi,
Not to forget the saria, achaar and rotli
And finally apri Dairy Farm ni kulfi!
Our love for you will never cease,
Whether we are ehsi, chalees or vees!!
We just can’t get enough of you –
My love – ‘Parsi lagan nu bhonu’!!



By Zaran K D

Come February and love is in the air,
St. Valentine informs, ‘all in love is fair’,
In 2018, my Valentine was my teacher – 20 years older,
She accepted my gifts, but I returned with a bruised shoulder!

In 2019, my Valentine was my partner in swimming competition;
Who became quite livid with all of my affection,
She ran off with my clothes in a haste,
I had to chase her with only a towel around my waist!
(People on the street took pics in bad taste!)

This year, my Valentine is my fluffy, white cat,
I will send her this message tucked under her hat:
“Dearest Pussycat, you’ve added much colour to my life,
Given me so much happiness – who needs a wife?!”


SPECIAL MENTION: Our Mother – Our Valentine!

By Tanaz and Godafrid Ragina

Of all the special joys in life,
Big ones and the small,
Our mother’s love and tenderness
Is the greatest of them all.

Mummy is our friend so very dear,
Throughout our lives, for us you’re always here.
Your tender smile guides our way,
You are the sunshine that lights our day.

We thank you from our hearts
For all you’ve done for us,
And we thank Ahura Mazda daily
For having the best mother in the universe!

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