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 ‘Imperfections’ by Kayan Sarkari

Question of the day: Aren’t Imperfections Beautiful?

Having flaws and imperfections is annoying because we pay a lot of attention to them. Why do we use filters? Why do we feel the need to edit pictures? Why don’t we just click a picture and immediately post it?!

This is because we pay attention too much attention to other’s opinions about ourselves, when we should really be paying more attention to our own opinions. It’s really quite silly how we become such willing slaves to the opinions and perceptions of others. If they say that we look bad, are we really bad-looking? If they call us insane and laugh at us, do we really start second-guessing out own sanity? Are we mad just cause they think so?

The truth is, when someone says something negative about you, technically it means they’re just paying that much more attention to you and checking you out in greater detail! So, embrace the attention you’re getting!

If someone calls you derogatory names or is trying to body-shame you with words like ‘short’ or ‘tall’ or ‘fair’ or ‘dark’, it means you’ve got their attention, though not in a positive manner. In such cases, you shouldn’t return the attention to them.

As regards myself, it’s a little hard for me to tell all of you guys my insecurities and imperfections, but I will even so. Here goes – I feel insecure about my voice. It’s been pointed out a number of times in not such a good manner, but I also know that some people love it and that makes me happy. I have a scar on my chin – and this is what makes me ‘Kayan’, because I honestly don’t think I’ll look good without it! I have spectacles and I love wearing them!!

Call me blind and I’ll be deaf to your opinions. I hate the way my body is – even if I eat a lot, I just won’t gain weight. Now, let me rephrase that positively… No matter how much I eat, I’ll still stay fit and thin! How cool is that!!


Today, I feel the need to address the issue of ‘imperfections’.


Always Look At The Positives In Life!

I want all of you – immaterial of you age – to go in front of the mirror and look your insecurities in the eye. Now, compliment them! It may feel super awkward initially, but go ahead and say it anyways. Do this every day until you believe it. It works!

That said, if you can truly work on any level of self-improvement, don’t procrastinate because that will never help. If you don’t like someone, stay away from that person; if you can’t get away from that person, look at the positive side of being with that person!

Here’s a small poem for you to make you lot understand how beautiful we all are:

Your imperfections make you beautiful,

They make me love you more.

Your flaws are unique,

You have a perfect face on that perfect head.

Your eyes express beauty no one else can possess,

Your ears are lucky to hear so many compliments,

Hey! Hear me say, ‘I Love Me!’ one more time!

I hope you feel better about yourselves now – that’s what makes me really happy!

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