ZDO Celebrates 66th Anniversary

The Zoroastrian Dentists Organization (ZDO) celebrated its 66th Anniversary on (DATE) with an exciting scientific meeting at Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, with Chief Guest, legal luminary Dr. Ervad Burjor Antia, senior partner, Mulla & Mulla Solicitors. Other dignitaries present included Dinshaw Mehta – Ex-BPP Chairman; Dr. Framroza Antia – renowned dental surgeon; Dr. Firoze Mirza who pioneered dental implants in India and Dr. Mehroo P. Turner – illustrious educator. The ZDO acknowledged their contribution to dentistry by presenting them with a special plaque and flower bouquets.

Eminent dentist, Dr. Minoo Sahukar, and renowned, Orthodontist Dr. Keki Mistry, were honoured with a plaque in absentia. Dr. Aspi Surveyor, immediate past president of the ZDO was also bestowed a plaque. Prof. Porus Turner introduce the Chief Guest as probably the greatest legal luminary of our country and a true Zoroastrian at heart who always helped the needy person. Speaking on the occasion, Burjor Antia lauded the activities of the ZDO, especially their project rendering free dental treatment including dental implants to all practicing  mobeds, their dependents and also to all workers (chasniwalas) of our Aatash Behrams and Agiaries. He mentioned that he, along with Dinshaw Tamboly, Chairman WZO Trust Funds, and Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor, Member, Minority Commission Govt. of India, had pledged their support to make it successful and viable. ZDO announced that a total of 30 mobeds, dependents and chasniwalas had availed this free treatment.

Other speakers included Prof. Dr. Porus Turner, Danesh Vazifdar, Dr. Burzin Khan, Dr. Gulnar Sethna, Dr. Kayannush Dadachanji, Dr. Rushad Nariman, Dr. Kaiwan Shroff, Dr. Farzana Bharucha, Dr. Cyrus Karkaria, Dr. Xerxes Khambatta, Dr. Jamshed Tavadia, Dr. Ruxshin Bhot Mistry, Dr. Pervez Cooper, and Dr. Shazneen Daruwalla. ZDO shared gratitude for the services of three past BPP trustees – Minoo Shroff, Dinshaw Tamboly and Dinshaw Mehta – for their help in seeing this project bear fruit; as also to Dr. Jasmine Tavadia and Dr. Ruxshin Bhot Mistry for organizing the event; and to all the sponsors.

ZDO informs Zoroastrians wishing to take up the profession of dentistry to contact Dr. Porus Turner for assistance in securing admission to the best dental college of India situated in Mangalore, Karnataka.

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