Year after year, Parsi Times is delighted and grateful to receive an ever-growing response to our Navroz Special Contests – both in terms of quantity and quality! We thank all our wonderfully talented participants for all the entries! Congratulations to all! The following are our TOP 3 Winners and Special Mentions. [Winners are requested to call the Office at (022) 66330404 to collect their prizes.]


Parsi Hume Chhaiyye!

By Meher Parvez Sutaria

‘Parsi, thy name is charity’,

This maxim still holds true.

It hasn’t yet become a rarity,

Although us Bawas, in number, are few.


As kids, our elders taught us,

‘Charity begins at home’,

Since we’ve always been raised thus,

We don’t spend our wealth alone.


We have a great sense of humour,

Which we certainly will never lose,

We’re known for our gregarious nature,

You’ll rarely find a Bawa recluse!


An obvious trait of us Bawas,

Is we’re a happy-go-lucky lot;

Bawas donning sadras and leghas,

Anywhere, in the baugs, we can spot!


Lustily abusing each other,

Polishing their vintage cars;

Their next best love is ‘mother’,

Which causes quite a farce!


Lo and behold – our Bawi chicks,

Who openly flaunt their beauty,

Looking for guys with whom they can click,

Will an ‘Adonis’ find his ‘cutie’?


On festive days like Jamshedi Navroze,

We relish our ravo, sev and dahi.

Later we gorge on sali-ma- gos,

And perhaps a piquant dish with boi!


Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds,

On these virtuous pillars we stand;

We have unflinchingly adhered to this creed,

Which distinctly projects our ‘BAWA BRAND’!




What My Parjat Friends Think Of Me 

By Mhelly Bhumgara


My friends ask me, “Are really a Bawa? How can that be?

You don’t eat marghi-farcha and patio with Kolmi!

A Veg-Bawa? Thats crazy – you’ll agree ,

What do you do at lagan-navjotes and ghambars that are free?

You don’t swear and your language is void of muck,

There’s no Bawa genes in you! What the heck!

At Albless Baug you were sipping orange juice instead of Parsi Peg!

What use is a Bawa that doesn’t drink or shake a leg!

You don’t work at Central Bank – you seem to be self-employed!

You could’ve worked for Godrej or Tatas, life you’d have enjoyed!

You’re surely not a Bawa – you seem way too sane,

Whereas Bawas are of two types – half mad or totally insane!

Taking walks with wife at Hanging Gardens so very far,

When you could instead be polishing your car!

You’re no Bawa… just ‘coz you wear sudra-kusti,

You don’t drink, swear or eat meat – you’re a disgrace to the community!”



Pic By Behram Colah 

The kaagras of Cusrow Baug debating which to choose for the Navroze menu – ‘Patra-ni-machi ke saus-ni-machi?!’




Sweet, Humble Parsis

By Kaiwan Elavia


As Parsis are a rarity to see,

The need of the hour is to grow our tree!

We have built and taught and served,

We have cured and healed and heard!

‘Chawk’ing up my doorway at the start of day

Makes me feel something special could come my way!

I wake in the morning and do my Kusti,

Say my prayers that never get rusty;

Getting ready for Pateti –

Don’t be late, Chalni Katy!!

Saris I own – not one or two, but many!

Some with Gara, oh! they cost a pretty penny!

Mesmerized by the aroma of fresh Dhansakh in the air,

Deekras, I’m a Parsi and I haven’t a care!

Spreading happiness onto every creed,

By good thoughts, good words and good deeds!

Long Live Parsis!

By Ishita Ashtad Tavadia

Karu su tamune Bawajis ni vaat,

They are simple yet a class apart!

Be it a Bawa or a Bawi,

Sakar thi methi che evan ni vaani!


Patra-ni-macchi and lagan-nu-custard in every special menu,

Drinks, starters and live bands in Baugs, as a venue!

Mobile, laptop, or car – jyare bhi kare evan shop,

Resale value teni malse – nothing less than top!


Khavanu, pivanu and majja – is the Parsi mantra,

Roj kare kasti ane pere kusti-sadra.

Khushali nu daran karine male mann ni shanti,

Dadaji paase roj karse chalk-chaadan ane divo-batti.


‘Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds’ ni frame har gher ma malse,

Saturday par Parsi Times vaachya vagar koi Bawa ya Bawi ne nai chalse!

Agar tamaro koi premi ya saggo chhe Parsi,

Samjhi lejo, koi tamune ena thi prem nah karse jaasti!




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