Cheers To Your Immunity!

Here’s 2 Immunity-booster Juices to make at home which will empower you to fight the battle against Coronavirus


Beet-Carrot-Apple Juice

Ingredients: Carrots (180 gms); Beetroot (170 gms); Pealed Apple (180 gms); Ginger grated (2 tspn); Lemon Juice (2 tspn)

Method: Cut the carrots, beets and pealed apples in cubes and blend all the above ingredients together in a blender till it becomes a thick smoothie. Serve as soon as blended.


Tomato Mint Juice 

Ingredients: Tomato (400 gms); Ginger grated (1 tspn); Black Pepper Powder (1 tspn); Mint leaves (10-12 leaves)

Method: Put all the above ingredients in the blender and blend well. Add ice cubes as per preference. Garnish with a mint sprig before serving.


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