Dr. Cyres Mehta: The ‘Eye’con Of Ophthalmology!

At the helm of all path-breaking, global advancements in eye care, Dr. Cyres Mehta has been consistently setting new standards and breakthroughs, making our Community and Nation proud, with his numerous ‘Firsts’ – be it in terms of successful eye procedures or advancements in eye care or his own personal achievements which have the ophthalmic greats of the world raise a toast to him!

Thanks to his contributions, great strides have been made in the treatment of some of the most complicated eye diseases. Recognised worldwide for his genius, the multi-award winning icon of our community, Dr. Cyres Mehta introduced Nano Laser Technology for non-invasive and painless laser treatment of glaucoma, for the first time in India, and became the very first Indian to be honoured with the prestigious ‘Presbymania’ Award, last year.

Despite his extremely packed schedule, Dr. Cyres Mehta takes the time out to answer some of the most frequently asked questions by patients, as regards the advances in the treatment of common eye-diseases, so that information can be disseminated for the common good:

Query: Is Laser or Robotic Cataract Surgery actually better than the routine ‘Phaco’ surgery?

Dr. Cyres: Laser ‘Robotic’ Cataract Surgery was available to the eye surgeon even a decade ago. However, the machines were slow and the average surgeon carrying out the surgery with conventional means, was actually quicker and could give better results.

With the advent of the Catalys System, this has completely changed! Now, we can make the openings into the eye and melt the cataract in just 30 seconds and it is quick and completely painless! If you are wondering if the outcome of Laser Cataract Surgery is actually better than the ‘Phaco’ Surgery done by a skilled surgeon, we cannot oversee that the Laser System adds unparalleled precision and reproducibility. Yes, a skilled hand can make an excellent entry tunnel into the eye, but the Laser will do the same with the same-sized tunnel, a 1000 times out of 1000 times – which no human, howsoever skilled, can match!

When the cataract gets hard, the Laser System melts it with laser energy and converts it into many tiny pieces. Naturally sucking out these tiny pieces is faster, easier and less traumatic to the eye, than actually having to go in and mechanically break the cataract up into multiple pieces. The lens is centered better with Robotic Catalys than with the human hand because the system scans the eye and decides on the precise central point much better than the human eye.

So, to answer you in short and simple terms – Yes, Robotic Cataract Laser Surgery is definitely better than conventional ‘Phaco’ Surgery.

Query: Is every Laser Cataract Surgery system the same?

Dr. Cyres: That’s like saying that a Maruti car is as good as a Mercedes because both have four wheels! The latest entrant in any technological space usually uses the latest technology, which is why no one buys a five-year-old phone or TV, even though it may be cheaper, as no one wants to use old technology. The Catalys Robotic System is the latest on the scene and is very precise.

Query: I’m into my late forties now and I don’t wish to wear reading glasses. Is there any solution for me?

Dr. Cyres: Absolutely! Lasik isn’t the best bet here, as it will primarily remove only the distance number. The best option for you is to go in for the ‘Extended Depth Of Focus’ or EDOF Lens implant

Query: My eye doctor has warned me that if I use a Trifocal Lens in the eye, I will get so much glare and see haloes at night, that I won’t be able to drive anymore? Is this true?

Dr. Cyres: The old designs had these issues. However, now, since last year, we implant only EDOF lenses, which will give you independence from your spectacles for both – far and near vision, but without the accommodating glare and halo issues.

The new Swiss and Italian entrants in the market work better when implanted with the help of the laser system. Also, we use an IOLMASTER 700, which is the best Lens Power Measuring Device in the world to determine precise lens power.

Query: Is it safe for a person with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or Cardiac ailments to undergo the Laser Cataract Surgery?

Dr. Cyres: The new Catalys System is tailormade to handle difficult cases – especially like hard cataracts as well as for those whose eyes are compromised by high BP or high Sugar – as the healing process takes place much faster. More importantly, since entry is made by laser, there is no bleeding.

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