Two Young Zarthostis Ordained Martab In New York, USA

Two young Ervads from New York and New Jersey recently completed their second level of priestly training or Martab, by performing the Venidad ceremony after a nine-day nahn (purification). The Martab was completed in two different Agiaries in Mumbai. 

Ervad Porus Cyrus Pavri, son of Yasmin and Ervad Cyrus Pavri, completed his Martab ceremony at the Bai Motlibai Wadia Agyari (Jogeshwari West) under the guidance of Ervad Khushru Kanga and Ervad Sheherazad Pavri. Porus lives in Allendale, New Jersey, with his parents and sister Farah, and is a Freshman at Northern Highlands Regional High School. Porus is an active member of ZAGNY and regularly participates in the Jashans and other religious ceremonies. Porus loves playing basketball, chess, and carom. 

Ervad Cyrus Dadina, son of Ervad Rohinton Dadina completed his Martab ceremony, at the Rustom Faram Agiary (Dadar), by performing the Vendidad which was conducted by Ervad Aspi Katila and Ervad Jehan Darbari, under the guidance of Ervad Kaizad Karkaria. 14-year-old Cyrus lives in Dobbs Ferry, New York, and participates in various activities at ZAGNY including religious ceremonies. Cyrus is also an avid runner and runs the 5K for his school cross country team.


Courtesy: FEZANA

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