YOUTH-SPEAK: Assume Less, Work Harder!

Our community’s youth today, are tomorrow’s community leaders, and it would be simply naïve to not hear out and understand the unique insights, issues, dilemmas and preferences that our new gen lives with and wishes to share with us. Parsi Times is delighted to launch ‘YOUTH-SPEAK’ – a platform for our Zoroastrian youth to speak openly and share your thoughts, opinions, complaints, critiques, suggestions and all else on all matters that occupy your mind-space… We look forward to your participation. Mail us at

I wish to share how the power of assumption can lead you through negativity and won’t let you succeed in life. There’s nothing we can do about it ‘when’ we take impulsive decisions, but merely burry ourselves in regrets. But we just settle and take a deep breath to alleviate ourselves from all the toxic things and people and their toxic talks. 

One can overcome whatever they want to by merely building the courage to go beyond their limits and encounter their fears in life. There will always be a reason for everything that appears in one’s life – be it favorable or even terrible. When the good comes our way or passes by, we usually ‘do not realise it’ and vigorously try to develop a concept of making those favourable things negative – and that’s when assumptions star abounding.

Chances come our way to eradicate the negativity – out of our mind, body and soul – but we don’t really seem to take those chances. Instead, we assume and pay attention to the awful stuff that’s going on in our lives in that moment! What halts us is the fear of losing ourselves within. 

Sometimes, the things that have happened in the past are assumed to be terrible; in reality they are not as terrible or evil, but in fact, perhaps even good for our own growth and development. These things help us grow stronger. But we let the power of assumption take control all over again. Later, we realise that the power of assumption takes so much control that we let the good things leave our paths and let the bad ones prevail in and later, when the milk has been spilt, no amount of regrets seem valid or consolatory.

So, believe in yourself and take the oath to cut off ties with the power of assumption which holds you back in life! Instead focus on working harder and achieve every success in life!

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