APPEAL – A Masina Hospital Initiative

Need Of The Hour: Supporting And Facilitating The Medical Fraternity 

In Facing The Challenges Posed By COVID-19

(A Masina Hospital Initiative)

Humanity is presently fighting a fierce battle to defeat the contagion of the dreaded Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). WZO Trust Funds have, in their own modest manner, assisted by supporting Masina Hospital (Byculla, Mumbai), in preparing Quarantine Wards for use by patients who need to be isolated.

‘Porta Cabins’, as these units are called, are fabricated with two doors, toilet and overhead storage space. These units are in lengths of 20 ft and 40 ft., and are used not only for patients but also for the medical personnel attending to them. Each Porta Cabin comprises toilet facilities, internal electrical wiring, lights and fans. Masina Hospital will provide beds, side-tables, food-trolleys, equipment including protective gear and air-conditioners, within the Porta Cabins.

Four Porta Cabins are presently being installed – two for patients and two for the medical Team. The cost of each Porta Cabin is in the region of Rs. 5,00,000/-. WZO Trust Funds have, from their own funds, contributed towards the purchase of two Porta Cabins that will be utilized for members of all communities who are suspected of having contracted the virus and require to be kept in isolation.

Massive funding is required for undertaking this gigantic humanitarian exercise to save human lives. More such Porta Cabins are required at Masina Hospital. Each unit houses six patients for whom 12 medical personnel are required working in shifts. Each medical personnel needs to be provided PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) the cost of which is Rs.1,200 per personnel, per day. Thus, the cost of providing PPE to medical personnel looking after 12 patients (6 in each cabin) in two cabins would alone amount daily to Rs.28,800. Personnel attending to very critical patients require additional protective wear that would raise the daily cost of PPE to Rs.35,000 (Rs.10,00,000 per month).

Individuals and institutions are requested to support the efforts of Masina Hospital, and extend a helping hand by contributing generously to Masina Hospital. Donations big or however modest will go a long way in overcoming the dreaded Coronavirus. Donors from overseas may note that Masina Hospital has permission under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA). 

Individuals and Institutions desirous of making donations may please contact:

    Jimmy Parakh, Trustee, Masina Hospital:

    Dr. Vispy Jokhi, CEO, Masina Hospital:

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