Book Launch: Kainaz Co-Authors Book In 7 Days!

On 14th April, 2020, the dynamic author of ‘Coffee Days Champagne Nights’, Kainaz Jussawalla, who also serves as a flight attendant, co-authored yet another book titled, ‘Love: From Alpha To Omega’, with two other authors, in all of just seven days! An anthem of short stories inspired by the eight Greek kind of loves, ‘Love: From Alpha To Omega’ is co-authored by college professor and author – Cyrus M Gonda, who has written over fifteen books; and 15-year-old Tia Kulkarni. Published by Librarywala publishers, the book is currently available on Kindle, but will be in stores after the lockdown period. A video is also available at: 

Speaking to Parsi Times, Kainaz says, “What makes this book special is that it was written and published in just 7 days! The thought behind it was simple… since I can’t go out and contribute towards causes due to my own personal issues, unlike so many who are working from within our community, I realised that it shouldn’t stop me from doing something good for the world! So, my way, was my writing and I came up with the idea of an anthology which spreads the message of hope, happiness, compassion, sacrifice, strength and unconditional love – things that are most needed during these times!” Kainaz is also a blogger and a columnist. 

A collection of fascinating, original stories on love, the book explores how the ancient Greeks, over two thousand years ago, in their wisdom, categorised love into eight distinct types – PHILOS/PHILIA (platonic love); STORGE (familial love); LUDUS (playful love); EROS (erotic love); MANIA (obsessive love); PRAGMA (enduring love); PHILAUTIA (self-love); and AGAPE (brotherhood, selfless love). As their offering to the world in these troubled times, Tia, Cyrus and Kainaz, within the span of a week, penned up eight stories, elaborating on each of these eight loves. As Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, and Omega is the last, the book was aptly titled ‘LOVE: FROM ALPHA TO OMEGA.’

A second part of this book, which is in its final stages of completion, will explore the opposite – the dark side of love.

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