Don’t Be A Victim Of Fear Psychosis

Your future is the result of your habitual thinking – it is already in your mind. The future of a country, likewise, is in the collective consciousness of the people of that nation. Tomorrow’s events are inside your mind, in your thinking… so are next week’s and next month’s! No coronavirus or disaster is likely to happen to you if your mental attitude is positive.

It is said that Man is born only with two fears, the fear of falling and the fear of noise. These are alarm systems given by nature as a means of self-preservation. Normal fear is good. You hear a vehicle coming down the road, and you step aside to survive. The momentary fear of being run over is overcome by your action. All other fears are given to you by parents, relatives, teachers and all those who influenced your early years. 

But there is also abnormal fear which takes place when man lets his imagination run wild. I knew a woman who was invited by her family on a world tour i.e. going on a trip around the world by plane. She began to cut out old newspaper reports of all the past airplane catastrophes! She pictured herself going down in the ocean, being drowned, etc. This is abnormal fear. Had she persisted, she would undoubtedly have manifested what she feared most. Another example of abnormal fear is that of a businessman who controlled a vast, successful business. He had directed a private movie in his mind which showed failure, bankruptcy, empty shelves and no bank balance until he sank into a deep depression. He refused to stop this morbid imagery and kept reminding his wife that “successful times can’t last for ever”, “I feel sure we will go bankrupt,” etc. Some years later, his wife confided to close friends that her husband almost became bankrupt and all the things he imagined and feared came to pass. The things he feared, did not exist but he brought them upon himself by constantly fearing, believing and expecting a financial disaster.

Some people are constantly afraid that something terrible will happen to their children, and some catastrophe will befall them. When they read about an earthquake, tsunami or about an epidemic, they live in fear that it will happen to them! Some imagine they have the disease already! All this is all abnormal fear.

To overcome this kind of negativity, consciously move mentally towards the opposite because extreme fear leads to mental and physical deterioration. When fear arises, place your attention to something you immediately desire. Get absorbed and engrossed in your desire, knowing that the subjective always overturns the objective. This attitude will give you confidence and lift your spirits. The infinite power of your subconscious mind is moving on your behalf, and it cannot fail. Therefore, peace and assurance are yours to will!

It is said that fear is man’s greatest enemy. Fear is behind failure, sickness and poor human relations. Millions are afraid of the past, the future, old age, insanity and death. Fear is just a thought in your mind, so are you afraid of your own thoughts!? A little boy can be paralyzed with fear when he is told that there is a boogieman under his bed that is going to take him away. When his father turns on the light and shows him there is no boogieman, he is free from fear. He is healed of a false thought in his mind. The thing he feared did not exist. Likewise, most of your fears have no reality. They are merely a conglomeration of some sinister shadows and shadows have no reality.

Today, we are all going through very difficult times. The TV and social media can create a fear-psychosis – let them do that! You observe yourself. Observe your reactions to people, conditions, messages and circumstances! How do you respond to events of the day? Do TV and media headlines make you fearful? Do WhatsApp messages, mostly fekum-fek and lapet-sapet make you sick with worry? Do conversations with friends make you anxious and nervous?

                      There’s a cure for all the above – stop obsessively watching headlines, WhatsApp messages and blind forwards. Change to conversation with friends or change your friends if they are prophets of doom! Talk to everyone about music, the books you are reading, jokes, your next holiday, even silly and small talk about Parsi Times’ Meherbai and Facebook’s Soli Sales-Tax! Relax! Enjoy the moment. Create joy, love, laughter, gratitude and compassion in your mind – right here, right now, and no Coronavirus can touch you!

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