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From The Editor's Desk

Reach Out!

Today, the 25th of April, 2020, marks an entire month of India’s historical Lockdown. 

Last month, on 24th March, after a fourteen-hour long public curfew on 22nd March, PM Narendra Modi called for a 21-day nationwide lockdown, to contain the movement of the entire 1.3 billion strong Indian populace, as a preventive measure to break the chain of the pandemic’s spread. This was then extended to the 3rd of May, reinforcing the attempt to flatten the Covid-Curve. 

Being locked in, in a manner of speaking, seems to have helped the curve, but it’s taken a toll on the nerve! While many of us have been proactive about our physical and nutritional upkeep, we’ve missed extending the same consideration to our mental health, which has, perhaps, taken the hardest hit… trying to, on the one hand, adapt to this new normal, and on the other, deal with the myriad emotions and feelings that arise when we are all thrust into a real-time, deadly uncertainty in physical confinement!

 Most of us go on with this sense of dread, fearing both – our lives and livelihoods! Anxiety, panic, fear and depression creep in, birthing and nurturing negativity within us, noticeable when we start acting out in ways which surprise us as much as it surprises those around us! Maybe we could do with help. We are still grappling to find our ground in this extraordinary situation, and we all have varying emotional thresholds and experiences which trigger us up. 

It’s not just alright, but very warranted, nay even necessary, to reach out and talk out the negative emotion building within, before it consumes your personality to the extent where you’re unable to recognize yourself anymore. Help is always at hand – in the form of family or friends, or on a more private and professional level – healthcare professionals like counsellors and therapists. 

Recognising the need of the hour, a number of such individuals and NGOs are offering free services to all, during this dark hour of need. This is especially helpful to those who have already been stressed or dealing with other issues, even before the advent of the pandemic. Jiyo Parsi, with its team of professional and compassionate counsellors, has opened its doors to all who could do with a listening ear, a helpful hand or a shoulder to cry on (Pg.10-11). Do avail the opportunity should you feel the need. 

The one thing that will see you through all of life’s tribulations is your sanity, and sanity has its roots in your ability to keep things real, to be honest with yourself. So, be honest enough to know, and acknowledge, when you need help, and let your sanity empower you with the courage to reach out for it.

Have a good weekend! 

– Anahita

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