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During the current lockdown all over the world, our Community’s IT, Business and Networking pro, Yazdi Tantra has been offering live Webinars to help lay users employ technology more effectively, to their own benefits. He has already conducted three successful Webinars – Google Tips & Tricks (; GMail Tips & Tricks (; and Chrome Extensions ( – which were well received, with over 150 enthusiastic participants in each.

While watching recordings could also provide you a good overview, an interactive session allows you to ask questions live and share views with other participants online.

These sessions are meant for entry level users and presented in easy to understand, non-technical language for all. “I hereby invite you all to attend the session and derive maximum benefit from the same. The entire session will be conducted on Zoom and can be accessed from Windows / iOS Computers, Android Phones and Apple Phones. However, since there will be screen sharing, it is recommended to watch it on your computers. Log on to: for detailed instructions on how to participate,” says Yazdi Tantra. 

All are invited all to take advantage of this fabulous opportunity to upgrade your skills for a better productive experience with your computers and mobile phones, for time well spent, during the lockdown. 

Yazdi Tantra

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Yazdi Tantra’s column is crafted for those of you who enjoy a bit of technology and love finding quirky things to do in this web and mobile savvy world. This entrepreneur celebrates his interest in the field of web based technologies with his columns and other websites like and Community centric Of course, his Parsi Times column is our favourite!

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