Great Is Thy Justice, But Greater Still Is Thy Mercy, Ahura Mazda!

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla.

Men and women are but waifs and strays in life, unless Thou in Thy mercy, dost take them by their hands and lead them on the path of safety. Thou art the strength in man’s weakness hope in his despair and joy in his sorrow. Thou dost take pity on him and heal his broken heart. In anguish does the suffering soul yearn to come to Thee seeking comfort. Thou, who art the savior of the lost, dost hear the longing cry of the sorrowing and suffering all over the world. Merciful art Thou even to the sinner, who throws himself upon Thy mercy.

In the strife and struggles of life, when trials and tribulations broke me, Thou didst show compassion on me and made me whole. Thou didst come to me, when I was forlorn and forsaken. Emboldened by Thy soothing song, bravely did I face the storms that tossed around me. When unbearable became the burden of my troubles, Thou didst lighten my load. I am comforted and happy now, that Thou merciful father art near me.

Never is Thy hand heavy upon me. Thou, my Lord God, knoweth it right well how helpless and hopeless I am in my sorrow’s dark hour. Through the tears of sorrow my eyes then entreat Thee for mercy. Thou dost kiss my tears away. When I supplicate Thee for protection, Thou dost become my refuge and sustain me in my sorrow.

Unlimited are Thy mercies, O Thou that art the Fountain of Mercy. Try as I may, I can never requite Thee in full for the manifold deeds of Thy mercy, Ahura Mazda!

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