Letters to the Editor

Thank You BPP for the Truly Helpful Direct Help Line Initiative For The Community 

The initiative taken up in the current scenario of COVID-19 by all the Trustees of the Bombay Parsee Punchayet is a boon in disguise as on today, without considering all future allegations against them!
My mother aged 73 years, is stuck up at Balaram Street (Grant Road, Mumbai) and I am stuck up with my family at Contractor Baug in Mahim

The helpline initiated by BPP proved to be very helpful! On the request made by my sister on the helpline numbers provided since yesterday, her issue of meals twice a day is resolved and with my whole heart I sincerely thank all involved in the initiative to help the elderly of our community in the present current situation of a lockdown, with special thanks to all BPP Trustees, who, during this high tide of calamity, have joined hands together, and leaving aside all, have brought up this Team-force amongst them, as always, in the interest of the community.

A very big thank you to all Trustees and the teams of volunteers involved to make this a reality.

By K S Irani

Kudos BPP!

The efforts of the BPP during the present dangerous and troublesome times is worthy of appreciation. We are now permanently in New Zealand but it is so heartening to see all the Trustees act in such a united and harmonious way. 

There have been a lot of brickbats coming your way in recent times but this prompt, generous and positive action of the Trustees deserves only bouquets. Keep it up and gain the trust, confidence and good wishes of the community always. Absolutely brilliant and thank you!

By Avan N. Cooverji 

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