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Kudos BPP! Helpline Initiative Very Apt In Such Trying Times

In these challenging and trying times, positive initiatives and actions need to be applauded and I take this opportunity to thank BPP for their recent initiative of having the foresight to launch a helpline in these difficult times. Ten days past the lockdown, I did gather that my mother, a widow and senior citizen staying alone in town, whilst we were in the suburbs, did run out of groceries and was barely able to manage herself. 

In keeping with the ongoing circumstances, I did gather that if I didn’t act soon, I would soon have to be sorry! With some hesitation, I called the BPP helpline only to be assured by Jimmy Merchant that she shall be helped immediately by one of their volunteers, based on her requirements. 

Soon, the BPP’s Deputy CEO – Shehnaz Khamnatta called with the same assurance, but I was most pleasantly surprised when Trustee Kersi Randeria, personally called me himself, and comforted me, saying that this recent BPP initiative was to help all distressed community members in these tough times. 

Volunteer and renowned Caterer, Jimmy Gadiwala, personally delivered the groceries! I’m truly thankful to him and look forward to personally meeting and thanking the helpful team for having come to our aid during these trying times. Till then, Kudos to our BPP Trustees, its administration and volunteers! You all surely need a big applause! 

By Jamshid Bhiwandiwalla

Let Us Drive Away The Uninvited Guest – Coronavirus, Our Enemy Number One!

This is perhaps the first time in the history of the universe that humans all over the world are collectively fighting a grim battle for survival against the deadly Coronavirus, the uninvited guest, on our planet – our Enemy No. 1! 

God created this wonderful universe, with meticulous perfection, beauty, harmony, order and discipline, for us all to experience inner joy, peace and happiness. A wide variety of plants, animals, birds and insects coexist with humans, who are bestowed with special mental and spiritual powers and the responsibility to protect the Mother Earth and all Her inhabitants. 

With his super intelligence, man has done wonders to make life comfortable, enjoyable and safe. We can fly faster than the birds, cover distances and share our culture and knowledge. TV, laptops, telephone, mobiles and high-speed internet, are accessible to all. But at the same time, the bright but perverse human mind also created the deadly atom bomb to destroy his own kind, his own existence! What a setback and tragedy for humans! 

Today, an insignificant tiny Coronavirus has come from nowhere and created the deadly pandemic COVID-19, causing much havoc amongst humanity. With all our tall claims, we are so helpless and vulnerable against that tiny lifeless parasite, that we have locked ourselves in, out of fear! All over the world life is brought to a standstill, schools and colleges are shut down, workplaces are locked out, roads are empty, hospitals are infected with the virus, clubs, hotels, restaurants and theaters are closed indefinitely. There is an atmosphere of gloom. 

One question hovers in our minds – What happens now? Will we survive or perish? Is it a punishment from God for ill-treating our Mother Earth? Have we offended our Father by ill-treating his other children? Can we not say sorry and promise to mend ways to get back his favor? Our loving Father will no doubt answer our call. This is then, perhaps, a warning for us all. 

Despite the unprecedented havoc and panic, we notice a sudden surge in the way we think and behave, making us kinder and more compassionate, sharing and caring for others. In such trying times, instead of escalating prices, the shopkeepers deliver their goods at fair prices and some even at discounts. The aged, handicapped and lonely are being cared for by their neighbours. Prayer houses are shut down, but hearts are open, praying with sincerity and devotion for the welfare of humanity, not only for our own family, our friends, our community, our countrymen, but for the entire humanity, wishing the best of health, abundance, peace and unity, love and joy for all to resume!

From time to time, sages and saints emerged to enlighten humanity with lessons of kindness compassion, love and oneness of all. But their followers misinterpreted their message and created fatwas in the name of religion. Thus, religion become the main cause of conflicts all over the world, making man his own enemy, shattering the very fibre of humanity. 

Today, despite the risk to their lives, doctors, nurses and paramedical staff are providing selfless service. Many of them have contacted the virus and some have even sacrificed their precious lives.
It is the primary duty of us all to give priority to provide them with adequate safety equipment to protect them against the deadly infection. 

Physical distancing is perhaps the only way to contain this deadly disease, as we are yet to find a cure to this life-threatening pandemic. Even so, this calamity has erased the distance of caste, creed, religion and status, bonding the entire humanity in love, kindness and compassion. We are a part of this universe, our wellbeing depends on the safety and security and well-being of others. Rest assured, this deadly virus will disappear very soon, never to return! But let us not forget to fulfil the promise we made – to love, serve and protect our Mother Earth and all mothers and others in this universe!

By Piroja Jokhi 

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