Raell Padamsee’s ACE Productions: ‘ACE CREATIVE CLUB’

With the entire nation under an indefinite lockdown Raell Padamsee's ACE (Academy for Creative Expression) has launched the ‘ACE CREATIVE CLUB’ where they have designed an exclusive set of creative activities for kids (3 – 13 years) to do at home! This Club is complimentary for all and offers activities that are fun and challenging and will not only give the kids something to do, but also keep their brains actively occupied and their imaginations alive & kicking!

In keeping with its maxim of equal opportunity for all, Raëll Padamsee’s CREATE Foundation sends out a weekly message – to various NGOs they are associated with – be it an audio recording of commonly used words and sentences in the English language, assignments or simple fun creative exercises.

Since children will now have ample time on their hands to learn, and with space being a common constraint, this is the best time to keep them engaged and gainfully occupied in this manner.

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