The 101 Names Of Pak Dadar Ahura Mazda – Part III

Daisy P. Navdar is a teacher by profession and a firm believer in the efficacy of our Manthravani. She is focused on ensuring that the deep significance of our prayers is realized by our youth. She credits her learnings and insights, shared in her articles, to all Zoroastrian priests and scholars whose efforts have contributed towards providing light and wisdom for all Zarthostis.

Who is your closest and first family? Ponder this question deeply and you will understand. They are your neighbours! …the very first ones to run to in an emergency, the first ones on the spot in case you are unwell, your go-to in case you run out of sugar or spice or fridge space! …the ones who will tend to your plants and your pets, the ones who will buy your eggs and bread (in case you have missed the ubiquitous paowalla)… the ones who know your comings and goings. Today, more than ever, our neighbours have become our lifeline, our support system and sometimes, even our connect with the outside world – a world which seems so unreachable, the once familiar streets which you have not crossed in a month, the shops and the bazar, the busy bustle of your commute for work… all these now feel a distant memory! It is, at such times, that your neighbours give you relief, they are the assurance that you’re not alone in this, they bring a sense of brotherhood and belonging and hence, this is a big thank you to all the neighbours of the world!

This column is in continuation of my ongoing series on the 101 names of Pak Dadar Ahura Mazda, which are really His attributes or qualities. Chanting these names regularly creates a protective aura of their strength around us and keeps us safe. Reciting these names daily, post doing the kusti prayer, can remedy almost all ills and challenges we face. They are not a substitute for effort and hard work; these will augment your dedication and give it an added boost. Please note that each name is a prayer in itself and can be chanted to gain maximum benefit of its particular divine vibration. 

  1. Afza: The power of the progressor and the advancer. When we feel stuck in a rut – our job feels like a dead-end or our business does not kick off the way we imagined – then a little boost in terms of prayer helps! When prayed 101 times, together with the previous name (Ya Safna – Ya Afza), it brings a manifold increase in earnings, respect and honour. Chanting this name also helps those who are unable to conceive children.
  2. Nasha: Reciting this name helps you follow the straight and righteous path. Making no distinction between prince and pauper, chanting this name awakens kindness and benevolence which makes you want to do right even by the person who has done you wrong. It brings out the best in you, helping you conquer evil thoughts and actions and empowering you to get rid of your bad habits. This name is particularly effective in combatting addiction of smoking, alcohol, drugs etc.
  3. Parvara: When fear overtakes our mind, we experience an unfounded dread – a debilitating emotion, which cripples our thoughts and our progress. This name is the preserver and the protector. When chanted daily 101 times for 40 days, with focus and sincerity, it helps you succeed in weaving such a strong, protective vibration around you that no force in the world can penetrate it! ‘Ya Ashaum Parvara’ will protect you against your detractors and will nullify all negative effects. This name also protects you against accidentally drowning, so those who are hydrophobic can also recite this name. When the frightened person recites this name, he/she transforms into a fearless and brave person! 
  4. Anaayah: is the protector of all creation. If you recite this name, then any possession of yours, which has been wrongfully taken away from you, will come back to you. Regularly chanting this name also protects your future wealth. 
  5. Ain Anaayah: The one who never backs down or turns away from the right course. Reciting this name creates a strong will and self-belief, which sees us through and helps us achieve our goals. Those who chant this name automatically gravitate towards more likeminded people and collectively they help you achieve your goals. This name helps you take control of your work and set about achieving success, even in the face of adversity. Even if you’re worried about something not working out in your favour, then chanting this name is said to have made a difference. This name helps you lay a strong foundation on which to build your success.
  6. An Anaayah: This name rules over beauty. Pregnant women recite this name to get beautiful off-spring. Those who feel unattractive, on reciting this name, are introduced to see and admire their inner beauty. This name works in conjunction with nature to create beauty in all forms and shapes. If you pray sincerely and regularly, automatically your face shines like a bright light that draws people to you. You don’t need make up at all – the brilliance you emanate will act like a magnet! 
  7. Khroshidtum: or the one who lacks nothing. Those chanting this name will never feel the need to depend on others as they get empowered to create everything they need. Reciting this name attracts the confidence of seniors who will lend you their unstinted support and you will be able to build anything that you desire. This is particularly effective when starting a new job or a business. 
  8. Minotum: This name has the power to create a guardian angel. By regularly chanting this name 101 times, we can create our very own angel who not only guards us but also who guides us towards our ultimate success and joy. One who recites this name gets the highest quality of happiness. 
  9. Vaasna: The famous and the omnipresent one who is benevolent. We are all prone to wrong actions at some point in our lives. Some of us just react badly to bad people – it is a very human failing. This name brings pardon if you are repentant. It is so magnanimous that it brings forgiveness even to an evil person who is willing to change. This name has the potency to cure forgetfulness and a tough, uncompromising nature. When you are faced with people who are difficult to deal with, then reciting this name will help you to make progress with such people. This name also brings progress in your work.
  10. Harvasptum: The source of this world and everything that exists in it, this name is the powerful vibration of creation itself. It is from this name that the world was created, along with everything in it. When you find yourself facing great difficulty, then chant this name 101 times, piously. This is most effective when chanted in the Aiwisruthrem Geh (after sunset). When this name is recited with reverence and great appeal to Pak Dadar Ahura Mazda, then divine intervention will give you great solace and comfort. Sincere recitation will be rewarded as difficulties get removed with ease and speed!
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