Appeal: Donate to the Aware Foundation

Located in the interiors of rural Ganeshpuri in the heart of the Tansa River Valley Forest, the AWARE (Animal Welfare And Rescue Efforts) Foundation [E-30655, Estb.: 2014], has been actively working in the sphere of stray animal care. Their initiatives, since inception, include feeding stray animals, veterinary first aid, trauma care, spay/neuter and immunization against rabies and other infectious diseases. It is home to over 60 disabled/abandoned animals/victims of human inflicted cruelty (cats and dogs) and eight Tribal Adivasi staff. The Ashram is a blissful haven to animals who have endured the worst experiences – as amputees, paralysis, blindness and physiological illnesses to name a few. AWARE also provides food to 50 other street animals in South Mumbai and Kandivli.

The AWARE Foundation faces grave challenges especially during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. In addition to the safe-keeping and care for animals, the Ashram is surrounded by six Adivasi Hamlets comprising 200 families, which they are also helping out. Since the nationwide lockdown, getting food and medical provisions for resident animals and staff has been a great challenge. 

Says Founder of AWARE, Genevieve Dubash, “With the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic crisis, the donations coming into the Foundation have ceased extensively and it is a challenge raising funds for food and medical supplies, surgeries, staff salaries and overhead expenses. Our AWARE Ashram is now home to 28 dogs, 55 cats and 8 resident staff. Also, the six Tribal Adivasi hamlets surrounding our Ashram comprises families, of six members each, with only a sole earning member, who is a daily-wager, and most struggle for a square meal. We have procured 35 ration kits for the families last month, however that isn’t enough as there are 200 families. 

I reach out to our community once again for your support in contributing towards the livelihood of almost 120 animals and 200 Tribal Adivasi families in these times of crisis. I have initiated two campaigns, one being national and the other international on Impact Guru which is a crowd funding platform. Donors from India and overseas will avail of tax benefits. I am always ever so thankful to Parsi Times for supporting our fur angels over the years.”

The AWARE Foundation looks to raise Rupees Three Lakhs with which to procure food and medical supplies for at least three months – including supplies for the animals and staff; rice, milk, packaged dry and wet food, medicines, veterinary fees and procedures, annual vaccinations, monthly rations and salaries for 8 in-house staff for two months; and for the Tribal Adivasi families – Ration kits and basic medicines for two months. 

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