Book Launch: Battle Scars By Dinaaz Lentin

Recently, Dinaaz Lentin launched her debut memoir follows her extraordinary medical journey over forty years, in a book titled, ‘Battle Scars’. Battle Scars is a thought-provoking account about misdiagnosis and mal adventure on not one but three occasions, and ultimately getting through it all! Dinaaz’s experiences of the best and worst in the medical profession are powerful and moving – a raw and insightful reflection into the uncertainties in medicine and what can happen to a patient when a medical challenge being faced is a rare and uncertain one. 

If you’ve been to a hospital or are facing challenges in your personal or professional life, then this book is highly recommended! When nineteen-year-old Dinaaz Lentin woke up in a hospital bed following surgery, it was the start of a life of twists and turns with numerous medical complications – the wrong leg operated; retained surgical objects unintentionally left behind; mismanaged labour and many other disasters. 

Battle Scars is a tale of courage and self-belief, but mainly, the undying human spirit and resilience, dogged persistence and faith. It is an extremely powerful example of how trusting your gut instinct can allow you to overcome any of life’s challenges. In the words of the author’s favourite quote, “At the end of the day, all you need is hope, and strength. Hope, that it will get better, and strength, to hold on, until it does.”  The 245-paged book is available on

The launch was highlighted by FEZANA Information, Research and Education System (FIRES) – a centralized collection of books, manuscripts, literature, magazines, and scholarly research materials in print and electronic form, primarily pertaining to Zarathushti faith, culture and history. FIRES was established in 2010, and is housed and managed by the Zoroastrian Association of Houston (ZAH) Library. 

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