From the Editors Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Those Three Words…

Dear Readers,

If nothing else, the extended lockdown, brought on by the Pandemic, has forced even the not-very-reflective kind of fellow beings amongst us (you know, the ones who proudly dismiss any deeper conversations, with a boastful – ‘I’m not really the meditating type’) to ponder life beyond the here and now. In Parsi terms… that’s thinking beyond what’s for dinner tonight. Then again, I don’t mean to validate our worry warts, on the other side of the wall, into subjecting friends and family to their analysis-paralysis.

Whichever side of the wall you belong to, or even if you’re simply sitting on it, a la Humpty Dumpty, there’s no escaping those three words, which seem to occupy increasing space in our minds. If they don’t, they should, in keeping with all that extra time on hand, as the M’tra government yet again extends our already-extended lockdown, till the month-end. And now, for those three words – ‘What Really Matters’.

With the world order changing, on many levels – irreversibly, this is a good time to ponder your greatest truths, as we grapple to first define the ‘new normal’ and then adapt to it. Reprioritisations will happen on all levels – personal, professional and social. For those still struggling to find direction or answers, asking yourself repeatedly, ‘What Really Matters?’, will clear a lot of cobwebs, and maybe help you get rid of a few unwanted spiders!

As we are thrust into battling, what psychologically qualifies as mankind’s two worst fears – uncertainty and death – the only peace and order we will know, will have to come from within, to quell the chaos on the outside. That would need you to, in layman’s terms, level with yourself, and that starts with figuring out What Really Matters to you. When you’ve unveiled your answers, you will know how to realign yourself – in thought and in deed, and in doing so, you will have saved yourself a lot of present and future regret.

For those with the extra time on hand, and for those without, make it a point to have that crucial self-talk starting with those three words, which might very well turn out to be the three most important words to help you take back that wheel and shape your destiny.

I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

Have a good and safe weekend!

– Anahita

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