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Surviving The ‘Corona’ry Attack With Gratitude!

Dear Readers,

24th May, tomorrow, will mark two months of our national lockdown. Though many states have enabled comparative leniency in easing the lock-down, Maharashtra and a few others, which continue springing an increasing number of COVID-positive cases and resulting deaths, are still, understandably, under the stringent lockdown scanner.
The ‘Carona’ry attack has taken its toll on us all. As we sit in our homes – socially distanced, quarantined or isolated – many may wonder if there really remains much to be grateful for – even as we continue to absorb the increasingly dismal news about how long it’s going to take the economy to get back on track… and how things will never be the same again. Even so, there is much to be grateful for. But before we recount our reasons to be grateful, we should know that it is this sense of gratitude, especially during these difficult times, which will get us through to the other side, with a positive and energised mindset, ready to take on the challenges, when the lockdown is over.
Gratitude helps us remember how special and fortunate our lives are, even through these deadly times. We are firstly grateful to our healthcare heroes, who put their own safety at risk to care for total strangers simply because it is their job; we are grateful to the scientists and researchers who have devoted their lives to preventing and addressing pandemics like these; and we are grateful for a time of perspective and reflection (albeit forced), to consider what really matters to us.
Gratitude not only breathes life into you psychologically, it also helps your physical health by strengthening your immune system. We need to ‘keep calm and carry on’, as was the English philosophy during the second World War – a different form of an existential threat to our lives, then. We will get through this. Life will return to normal – a new kind of normal, but let’s be grateful this will all be a memory some day!
We’ve all been living in our own bubbles, slaves to schedules that reduce our human touch and connect with each other. We have lost touch with so many of our relatives, friends, even neighbours; we’ve gotten image-obsessed with selfies, brands and the online world; we have fallen prey to depression as consumerism conquers our sensibilities; we’re oblivious to how the environment is being destroyed on our account… but the Pandemic has hit the pause button on it all. Let’s catch our breath once again, and let’s be grateful for that opportunity!
As for the silver lining of this situation – a crisis brings out the best in people. It reinforces the importance of celebrating every day; of sharing our love with family, friends, neighbours and community. A crisis reminds us of how lucky we are and how important it is to take care of ourselves, our loved ones and our planet. As we weather this crisis, let’s be grateful for the lessons it has taught us, so that we can endeavour and ensure a better tomorrow for us all and our generations to come.

Have a good weekend and stay safe!

– Anahita

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