Let Thy Love Possess My Soul, Ahura Mazda!

As the nightingale sings to the rose in a transport of delight, so will I weave the songs of my love for Thee. Then listen, my beloved Lord, unto the songs I sing. I will come to Thee with my hymns of praise and glorification. I will eulogize Thee with my songs of adoration. I will sound my sweet melodies of devotion to Thee. With the fullness of my heart, I will pray unto Thee, whom all do pray. I long to live in Thy love, as long as my life may last. Every drop of water in the sea has salt. So let Thy love be in every part of my being, O Thou that art the God of Love!

My mind is purified and my heart is sanctified, when love for Thee possesses my soul. I will bask in the sunshine of Thy divine love. I will drink my fill at the fount of Thy love, till my spirit be satiated. I will fly to Thee on the shining wings of love and devotion of my soul. I will make my love for Thee the deepest passion of my life. Willingly will I give up my all for my love for Thee.

When Thou art with me on life’s weary way, the bright ray of Thy love illuminates it. My life centers in my love for Thee. Like the love-lorn lark, I cannot live without Thy love. My spirit is afire with love for Thee. Let Thy love enfold me. No trouble, no difficulty, nothing in the world will separate me from Thy love. Unfaltering is my love for Thee. I love Thee. I love Thee with all my heart. I love Thee with love divine and long to make Thee mine. A longing possesses me to hasten to Thee with my pure mind and holy heart, to meet Thee and greet Thee and to embrace Thee, O Thou Fountain of Divine Love!


About Dasturji Dr. Maneckji Naserwanji Dhalla

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