We thank all our participants who shared their fabulous talents, celebrating the most important and central figure in all our lives – the Mother! Heartiest Congratulations to our Top Winners. As always, we also share a few entries as our Special Mentions! Winners are requested to pick up their prizes by connecting with PT Office at 22 66330404/05, once the Lockdown has eased.


WINNER: To Mother Dearest – May In Peace You Rest!

By Roshan Dastoor

Mother, dear mother,
Like you, there’s no other!
You hush up our cries,
And sing us lullabies,
From the day we are born,
As long as life goes on,
When we mutter and stutter,
You go all a-flutter
To make us feel stable,
Cozy and comfortable.
Through the rough and the smooth,
‘Tis your arms that soothe.
You love with love, reprimand with love;
Of understanding and compassion, you’re a treasure trove
The word ‘super’ has become your synonym,
‘Super-Woman’ you are, you reign supreme!
We take you for granted, most of our lives
And wake up to reality when your health nosedives.
Like all God’s creations, you have an expiry date,
You deserve to be cherished, before it’s too late!
The toughest situations you’ve ably dealt,
Your absence makes its presence sorely felt.
May you rest in peace, it’s been a year since you left me
Mother, dear mother, you’ll always mean the world to me!



WINNER: God Could Not Be Everywhere, So He Made Mothers!!

By Parizad Sirwalla

My Mom is a Go-getter,
Her presence makes my life increasingly better.
At the young age of 74, she is all bubbly and bright,
If we don’t listen to her, she won’t hesitate to slap us tight!
She’s a woman who believes in living life to the full;
With her lively presence, there’s never a moment that’s dull.
Her mind is pure, and her heart is gold,
She rushes to help people without ever being told.
She’s a bundle of energy, a non-stop chatterbox;
Now her three grandkids have to listen to her sermons and talks.
She raised two daughters, and we never, in any way, felt any less,
Her unwavering faith in us inspires us to take on the world without stress.
So, I shout out aloud, and say, Three cheers to my mom!
It’s thanks to you, I can weather all of life’s storms.



WINNER: માં 

By Afried Dastur

માં    મારી પ્યારી માં, આવે તું મને બહુ યાદ 

તારા ગયા પછી લાગે છે જીવન સુનુ અને બેસ્વાદ 

તારા પ્રેમ નાં છાંયડા માં, હતી  હૂંફ, હતું જીવન સુખી અને આબાદ 

રમતઓ  રમતા, એક સાથે જમતા;

હતું સુકુન, હતી  શાંતિ 

તારા પાલવનાં છાંયડા માં હતું સ્વર્ગ, સો ટકા હું જાનતી

અને આં સ્વર્ગ જેવું સુખ, બહુ આનંદ થિ માનતી 

આજે પણ સાલો બાદ, તારો  હસતો ચેહરો પ્રગટાવી શકે છે એજ  કૂણી લાગણી 

કોઈ કહે નહી તું હતી મારી  સાસુમાં; વિના કોઇ સ્વાર્થે આપ્યો મને અપાર  પ્રેમ અને લાગણી 

આવતા જન્મે પ્લીઝ પાછી  થજે મારી માં, છે મારી આંતકરણ ની   માગણી.




(Painting by Pinky R Dadachanji)




Special Mention: To My All-rounder: My M😊M!

From Adil Majoo (St Mary School)

Dear mom, I am sorry for every mistake I have ever made, every time I have yelled, but the truth is I am always grateful to you. Mum, you are the reason for my success, you are the reason I smile every time, I feel safe and secure around you. Whenever you smile I feel like it’s a golden moment! We all know the saying, ‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman’. The woman behind my success is my mother and I can shout it out loud on a mountain top! Everything you cook for me is with love but when you make Dhansakh, I feel like I am in heaven! You know just the way I like it. Everything you do for me will be cherished for life. You will always be the love of my life! 



Special Mention: My Mother Is My Treasure 

By Binaifer Vandriwala

My mother is my treasure,
Her love for me is beyond measure.
‘Mamma’ today is seventy-three,
There’s none like her in our family tree!

She makes yummy, delicious Parsi cuisine,
She keeps our house sparkling clean!
A true Mazdayasni she recites prayers with ease,
She has imbibed in me good thoughts, words and deeds.

She taught me the golden words – Thank you, Sorry and Please,
Stitching, knitting, embroidery, and much more than these!
Manners, politeness and etiquettes
Is at what she’s at her best.

Today, she is frail and lies in bed,
I pray and wish her a healthy, happy life ahead,
All mothers are blessings from God
But my ‘Mamma’ is the best of them all!

Mamma is my Super-Woman,
My Angel sent to me from heaven!
I’m grateful to God for my caring, loving Mother
She’s truly the best – like her, there’s none other!



Special Mention: Ma, Tu Hain To Mein Hoon!

By Samanaz Neville Lashkari

Ma, you are my confidence,
You are my pride,
You are my inspiration,
You are my guide!

Ma, you bring out the best in me,
Your sound advice helps me clearly see,
Your love is so unconditional and true,
I see it in all the things for me you do!

Ma, you have taught me humility,
You have taught me love,
You have taught me kindness,
You have taught me, never to give up!

Ma, You gave me hope,
You taught me how to cope,
That’s why it is so, so true,
Ma, tu hai to mein hoon!!


Special Mention: Happy Mother’s Day – From Far Away

By Meher Parvez Sutaria

A young mother set out on the path of life,
She was beautiful, fair and a wonderful wife.
Gentle winds whispered as she walked down the street,
She had a kind word for all she’d meet.

With her children beside her – she was happy as could be,
We ran along around her with joy and glee.
On this path of life, as we all walked along,
She made sure that we were healthy and strong.

She sheltered us from the fury of all life’s storms,
She protected us and saw that we came to no harm.
She taught us to pursue the righteous way,
For she knew we would all leave her one day.

Her love for us was endless and filled with care,
Her affection for us four, she’d equally share.
Her eyes sparkled like stars when we did well,
With happiness and pride, her heart would swell.

But now our dear mother, is with us no longer,
The passage of time has made us stronger.
Her beautiful smile – we can see no more,
But she still walks with us – just as before.



Special Mention: My Mom, A Superwoman!

By 16-year-old Zenobia F. Powvalla

A mother is the greatest gift of God. It is said that since God couldn’t take care of each and every child individually, he created a mother. My mummy is a superwoman in every form. She’s a true Masterchef’ I love the curryrice she makes with a touch of love. She is my first teacher. Her hardworking nature fascinates me and her dedication towards our family cannot be expressed in words. 

Mummy has taught me to always be calm in every situation and face all consequences with a smile. I would like to dedicate to her, a few lines from the poem, Bangle Sellers by Sarojini Naidu: For she who has journeyed through life midway, whose hands have cherished, whose love has blest’. 

This Mother’s Day, I thank my mom for all her strenuous efforts especially during this quarantine and for cherishing me as a priceless possession! LOVE YOU MUMMY!!

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