Ratan Tata-backed ‘Repos Energy’ To Produce 3,200 MPPs This Year

Backed by industrialist Ratan Tata, a Pune-based energy distribution start-up, Repos Energy, has shared plans to manufacture and sell nearly 3,200 Mobile Petrol Pumps (MPP) this year. Established three years ago, the start-up plans to get on board over 1,200 operators from across the country during FY 2020-21. The start-up possesses a fleet of 320 vehicles, of which over 100 are fully operational and working to deliver fuel across India.

In a press statement, Chetan Walunj, Co-founder of Repos Energy, said “At present, India needs over a lakh of fuel stations across the country to meet the demand. However, this wouldn’t be feasible due to the availability of land and the huge costs involved. There are over 55,000 fuel stations which are not sufficient.” 

Led by IoT, a Repose Petrol Pump can safely and conveniently deliver fuel to the end customers through a simple mobile application, the company said, adding that it is integrated with cloud technology to get real-time updates. It has highly sensitive censors called ATG to get accurate quality and quantity of diesel. Enabled with GPS and Geo-fencing, this mobile petrol pump can be monitored in real-time, to ensure transparency.

The start-up is backed by Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of Tata Group, who came on board as a mentor, along with Tata Motors, which has helped manufacture these safe and efficient Repos Mobile Petrol Pumps.

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