Thou Dost Never Fail Me. Help Me Never To Fail Thee, Ahura Mazda!

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla.

When all else fail, Thou dost never fail. Often do I fail to answer Thy call, but Thou dost never fail to answer my call. Thou dost answer me whenever I call Thee in my joy or sorrow. Since the day that Thou didst plant my feet on the mother earth, Thou dost shepherd me along the path of safety. Ever quick are Thy ears to hear my supplications.

Thou, my ever-forgiving Father, never dost turn Thy face from me, even when, in my folly, I fail Thee. Thou dost gently draw me to Thyself. Thou dost lovingly take me by my hand and bring me back to Thee and put me anew on the right path. Ever kind and ever gentle, Thou dost guide me all my days.

Thou dost never part from me. It is I who leave Thee. Thou dost know me just as I am. My mind has eyes to see Thee and ears to hear Thee. In my folly I became blind to Thy sight. I became deaf to Thy voice. I disappointed Thee. I came not to Thee when required. I failed Thee. I went astray and I suffered. Now I fall on my knees and seek Thy forgiveness. Thou dost always open my eyes and my ears. Then do I both behold Thee and see Thee.

Weak and lonely am I now without Thee. Give ear to this my earnest call. Turn Thy eyes hitherward. Beckon me back to Thee with Thy loving voice. Restore me to Thee. I belong to Thee. I am Thine. When Thou wilt take me back, I will not leave Thee again. I will not fail Thee. I will not stray far from Thee. I will follow Thee withersoever Thou wilt lead me. I will do whatsoever Thou dost desire me to do.

I know that I have but to come to Thee, for Thou art so overwhelmingly kind, that Thou dost ever stand ready to receive me. When Thou dost speak to me and smile on me, all my cares flee. I become strong in Thy strength, when Thou, Ahura Mazda, dost live in my heart!

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