Community Celebrates Dedicated Volunteers And Quick-Action Trustees!

Last week’s article in Parsi Times, titled, ‘A Month And A Week Of Good Food And Great Community Service’, by BPP Trustee, Kersi Randeria, received an overwhelming response from our community members. Readers of all ages, from all over, sent in congratulatory messages, commending the crucial and timely services, initiated by the BPP Trustees, which were delivered promptly, with great effort, care and warmth by the volunteers, during the Lockdown in Mumbai. 

It was indeed one of the most challenging times faced by community members, especially our seniors, who were left completely stranded as their very means of sustenance and mobility – tiffin, groceries, medicines and domestic help services – suddenly and abruptly ceased. The BPP Trustees sprung into much-needed action by installing a Direct Helpline for community members to call in and share their needs and grievances, all of which were answered by the committed BPP staff, and met by the dedicated team of our braveheart volunteers, who braved the lockdown, the contagion and the heavy rains, putting the needs of isolated and disadvantaged community members before their own!

Summed up perfectly in his write-up by Trustee Kersi Randeria, as, “The coronavirus may have had a majorly negative impact on our peace of mind, sustenance and well-being, but there was no missing the silver lining of its positive impact on the community, bringing together a small but cohesive group of Trustees, youngsters and social workers, whose committed dedication to community service has re-established the old adage – Parsi, thy name is charity’.”

In the heart-warming feedback received by Parsi Times, innumerable community members expressed a strong preference to celebrate the spirit and efforts of our volunteers. We couldn’t agree more! We got in touch with a number of volunteers as well as with a few of the grateful beneficiaries and have compiled a feedback report for our readers… but before that, a letter from our reader, representing the innumerable mails received, commending the BPP Trustees and volunteers:


‘Good Food and Great Community Service’ – Much Appreciated!

It was very heartening to read ‘Good Food and Great Community Service’ in the PT of 30th June, by Kersi Randeria. How wonderful for community members to get together and extend a helping hand to those stranded, across various parts of Mumbai… the old, the infirm or those simply rendered helpless due to the closing down of the regular food-supplies due to the lockdown.

It is not the case of just few do-gooders coming up and dishing out the necessary victuals. The logistics involved in supplying food packs must be tremendous, involving the BPP Trustees, whose brain-child it was; to the BPP staff who worked out the nitty-gritty, the caterer, the central kitchen for preparing food, and last but not in any measure the least – the volunteers, doing various chores, including reaching the much needed nourishments and other essentials to various Baugs and Housing societies during the lockdown – all risking the dreadful virus.

Even in the baug where I reside, young men went around despite the severe lockdown bringing medicines and other requirements to many senior citizens and others too. Kudos to them too! It warms our hearts to know that such a philanthropic attitude in the individuals of our community still survives today. Our thanks to the authorities too, for giving permission to the volunteers to deliver the much required nourishment, far and wide.

By Dara M. Khodaiji




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Each and every one of you plus those who are not mentioned above but who have helped in various ways deserves the undying gratitude of the Community, starting from the topmost, namely the Trustees of the BPP who so unitedly initiated it, to all levels that it has percolated down to. And just as the corona virus as changed the world , so also all past disputes and misunderstandings are now over and should be forgotten for a New Day has dawned for the Parsi Community.

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